Socks – a vital component of running

When I first started running I hadn’t a clue about what kind of kit I needed. When I ran my first race I had a terrible time with brand new trainers, old shorts and not so great socks. I came away with blisters and vowing to learn from the experience although it took me a while and a number of blisters and trying out of different socks to get it right.

My socks were either too thick, too thin, too old and a number of races later I was still finding that I was having problems. I changed running shoes a number of times, found shoes I was happy with and then went to work on socks.

Light Feet Socks
I recently got some new Light Feet socks – love the colours πŸ™‚

Here in Australia I explored the sports shops when I first arrived as i had all sorts of problems such as blisters on my arch, toes and it was a real pain. My wandering around and researching meant I finally found socks I was happy with and they are by Light Feet. They are awesome colours (not so important!) and they have cushioning in all the right areas. They also seem to absorb moisture to help prevent blisters. I like the fact that there is a left and a right. At $35 a pair they are not the cheapest but I have to say since using them in the last four years being here in Australia I haven’t had blisters – yay

Tips for avoiding blisters and sock issues

I thought I would give a few tips for if you have just started out running that might help you to avoid blisters and sock issues based on my experience:

1. Wear a decent running shoe that fits well to your foot

2. Don’t go cheap on your running socks – you get what you pay for and you might be one of the lucky ones that never has an issue but a lot of people struggle with blisters when not having cushioning in the right areas on the foot especially when doing a lot of mileage. Find socks that are not 100% cotton as they can keep the moisture in and cause blisters.

3. Have some Compeed or equivalent to hand. Compeed got me through training sessions in the UK when I did a lot of running in wetter conditions and ended up with blisters. They are like a second skin and mean you can still train if you are unfortunate enough to get blisters.

You may have other tips to share about socks – feel free to comment below as this is just my experience πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Socks – a vital component of running

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  1. I remember once my mum telling me “I learned my lesson with cotton socks, never again”. She now understands why I pay $15 and upwards for a pair of running socks.
    I wore lightfeet today and oh it was blissful. I must get a few more pair because they are great socks. I find they are great for long runs.
    Short runs I like my injinji’s (the toe ones, I like them, others don’t).

    1. Hi Matilda – great minds think alike. I love the LightFeet socks. So comfortable with all the extra padding πŸ™‚ I do have my cheaper ones too that I wear for walking and riding but need the padding for longer training.

  2. Like you Zoe I used to wear any old thing, until I learnt my lesson. I have a range of socks from Hilly, different ones for racing, cross country, training. They have twin skin, merino wool and anatomical varieties – some using all three.

    1. Hi Roger, Didn’t realise Hilly did socks. We don’t get their products over here that I am aware of but glad you’ve found something that works for you πŸ™‚

  3. I dont mind lightfeet, but injinji is where it is at. They are toe-socks and they are amazing! I used to have so many issues with my pinky toe getting so sore, not anymore! A good pair of socks is almost as important as the shoes I would say.

    1. Hi Sarah I haven’t heard of Injinji. I will certainly have a look. Always looking for new products that work well πŸ™‚ Nothing like having sore feet.

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