Good luck to those running Tough Mudder on the Coast this weekend!

Spartan type races have popped up all over the place and a good few months ago some of my friends mentioned they were going to do a gruelling challenge called Tough Mudder. I had a look at the website and my husband immediately said – no way are you even contemplating doing that!

With the rise of extreme exercise such as P90x and Cross Fit people are constantly looking to push the boundaries of what they can do hence challenges such as Tough Mudder and Spartan – it helps that Biggest Loser’s Commando Steve – a Cross Fit advocate and trainer has been out promoting so all my friends couldn’t wait to go and get their butts kicked by him when he did a special training session in the lead up to the race! Tough Mudder

So if you have never heard of Tough Mudder it is an extreme 20km obstacle course designed by British Special Forces to test strength, stamina, mental grit, and cameraderie* with a certain number of challenges that are run in teams. You have to finish together as a team and some of the challenges involve jumping into freezing cold ice water, crawling in very dark enclosing tunnels, being shocked by electrical wires, running up a half pipe. Just watch the videos on their website it is full on!

My friends are running in two teams today around midday so I can’t wait to hear the stories and see the photos – but I am too chicken and value my vitals too much to enter myself 🙂

Anyway have a great weekend for those of you in Queensland it’s looking like another weekend of awesome weather – yay! 🙂

*taken from the Tough Mudder website

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