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A couple of weeks ago I got a huge box in the mail from Bodyscience and I was so excited when I opened it as it was their new Naturals range that they had sent to me prelaunch. I couldn’t wait to have a look as in the last few months I have cut both gluten and dairy out of my diet due to being told I was intolerant  – and the awesome thing about the Naturals range is it is is Vegan so I can use it – yay!

My box (see photo) consisted of:

BodyScience Naturals range
BodyScience Naturals range

Naturals Immureds Vegan Antioxidant

Immugreens Vegan Antioxidant

Organic Vegan Protein

Some Olive leaf Extract

Naturals Strongbody WPI Natural sweetener

3 in one joint formula

And then a folder with lots of recipes and information in.

I have found the last few months of not having gluten and dairy that it actually makes life very difficult and I have been taking pictures on my Instagram places that I have found that do actually do gluten free and dairy free food as I see them as it has been so hard so having protein that is both gluten and dairy free has been a real blessing and I have done a fair few things with the product so far and will share some of the recipes over the next month or so as I redo them again as well as review the product as I go for those of you interested.

Quick Recipe for a smoothie 

Here's what my smoothie looked like
Here’s what my smoothie looked like


Here is a quick recipe below that I did the other day – a simple smoothie using the Immureds Vegan Antioxidant:

2tsp BodyScience Naturals immured vegan antioxidant berry superfood

Lactose free milk or soya milk





Whizz together and drink – yum 🙂

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