A slight curve ball to training….

I haven’t posted on here for a while due to a number of reasons but the main one is I have been trying to think about the best way to continue my blog which is meant to be about running when I am basically not running right now and won’t be for a while.

I’m having a baby!

It’s been a mixed emotional time of – awesome I am having a baby and oh no! I can’t train as I would want and my belly is big and who could forget morning or should I say all day sickness!

I decided to continue with my blog throughout my pregnancy but I understand if those of you hard core runners that are not the slightest bit interested in people that don’t run switch off for a while. I still have some product reviews stacked up to share as well as sharing my journey of being pregnant and the next phase of getting fit and back into running again so it’d be great to have you along for the ride but understand if all things babies bore you 🙂

I’ve been doing baby yoga which is great fun (more on that soon) and walking a lot but other than that I’ve been told I am not allowed to do any major cardio for the entirety of my pregnancy *yawn* but it’s all in the name of a good cause 🙂


My plan is to have baby and then my great friend and PT is going to whip me back into shape ready to run a marathon in 2015. Not sure which one at the moment as New York is $3500 as an Aussie just for the flight and race place so Los Angeles is looking more promising.

Anyway that’s me for today but hope your training is going well and you put in a few km for me!

12 thoughts on “A slight curve ball to training….

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    1. Hey Matilda thanks 🙂 its all new to my husband and I so we are using to learns much as we can 🙂 agree re the blog. i guess it’s part of the journey – lots to write about 🙂 yes going to find out the sex in a few weeks 🙂

  1. Congratulations!!! What an awesome new stage of your life to be entering into. You should check out the blog Mummy Loves to Run. Jenelle trained for a marathon the year after she had her first little one, and now she is in the same boat as you because she is pregnant with her second 🙂
    Motherhood might bring a new perspective to your running too 🙂

    1. Hi Amy thanks 🙂 ii’ll check that blog out it sounds like Jenelle has been there done what I am about to do 🙂 they reckon that your running can improve after having a baby so we shall see 🙂

  2. Many Congratulations Zoe!!
    My kids are now 10 and 7 and I still haven’t accomplished a marathon so I am in awe of your determination to run a marathon in 2015. Fantastic!!

    1. Thanks Sally. I figured it would give me serious motivation to get back in shape after the baby is born. Otherwise I’m worried I’ll let myself go and find it hard to get back…. it will probably be a nice snd slow race but I just can’t wait to be running again I do miss it.

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