Baby Strollers and new challenges in 2014!

Well it is the 2nd January and we are in 2014! Can’t believe how quickly in some ways last year went, although it did drag at times too when I really was fighting against not being able to train – but hey I have 4 months and my baby will be born and I can start my slow route back to getting fit again 🙂

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. Mine was pretty uneventful and I didn’t manage to stay awake to see 2014 in!

I’m kind of excited about this year – with our first baby being due and the fact that my life is going to really change. My friends have been amazing during this time and my fits of being grumpy because I couldn’t train as normal due to doctors orders and being sick, and I am thankful to those of you that read this blog that have sent messages of support 🙂

So what’s on the agenda now? (warning lots of baby talk below!)

Baby Jogger?

I never thought I would say it but I am excited to be going pram shopping at the weekend.

I think I have chosen – the Baby Jogger – just not sure which model yet – one that I can run with I told the lady in the store. She recommended the Baby Jogger, The Iron Man or the BOB brand. I ruled out the Iron Man as that one was truly just for running and nothing else and I don’t think my husband would be happy buying me a $700 buggy plus another decent one around the same price too that I can use for non running.

We checked reviews and also I have had my baby buggy radar on. I hbabyjogger copyave even been stopping people in the shopping malls and streets asking them what they think of their buggy and the Baby Jogger seems to win hands down! I saw 7 Baby Joggers in an hour the other week when shopping at Sunshine Plaza on the coast – it has to be a sign 🙂

I found the Baby Jogger to be so comfortable and light, and to fold it up you literally grab the middle of the seat where there is a handle and shake it and it all collapses and folds up. Of course without the baby in it!

I can’t run with baby until he is 6 months old but I figure walking round the Lake here will suffice and get me used to the stroller and then when I want to run I can go to the gym until I can run with baby outside 🙂

I ditched Baby yoga classes as I can’t stay awake that late anymore and it’s a 30 minute drive away so have been doing at home as well as walking (or the dog walking me at the moment) the dog.

I’m starting to have more energy than I have for a long time but still get tired after 30 mins exercise so I am not going to push it!

Anyway that’s me all done for now but hope your training is going well and more posts coming soon. I have a few product reviews to post as well as some recipes so will do in the next week or so.


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