Product Reviews: Musashi Lean Protein and Syn-Tec Synthesis Protein

Just as I found out I was pregnant I was sent some samples of a few different  protein products to try and I wasn’t keen on taking them being pregnant – so being surrounded by friends who are personal trainers or fitness plays a big part in their life I asked them to trial them for me and have only just got around to going through them to share with you.

The first one I wanted to share was the Musashi Lean Protein Chocolate Flavour and Syn-Tec Synthesis Protein. Before I was pregnant I used to use lots of protein powders and so I would have liked to have tried these. Instead I asked my wonderful friend Nadia who owns her own personal training business NADU Fitness to try the proteins on my behalf and this is what she had to say:


The Musashi protein chocolate flavour protein tastes amazing. I’m not a big fan of chocolate protein drinks but this one had a smooth texture and was not too chocolatey.

The Syn Tec Synthesis tastes great with milk.


On the Musashi Lean Protein – It only contains 1.9g of carbs which is great for those following a low carb diet. It also has less than 1g of sugar and is low lactose for those who can’t stomach too much lactose.

It has 18.4g of protein per 24g of protein powder which is a good amount.

On the Syn Tec Synthesis it’s high in protein (27g) which is fantastic for muscle recovery and it is great for those on a low carb diet as it only contains 1.7g of carbs and only 0.8g of sugar. It is packed with Vitamin B, creatine and many more supplements.

Zoe’s note:

The Musashi Lean can probably be brought in health food stores and also in Coles and Woolworths depending on what each store stocks but the Synthesis looked a bit more hardcore with text on the side of the container like Extreme Nutrition for Extreme Strength athletes – I haven’t seen their products anywhere apart from nutrition and supplement stores and am not sure whether it is something I would take.

Syn Tec Synthesis Protein
Syn Tec Synthesis Protein – described as extreme nutrition for extreme strength athletes
Musashi Lean WPI Protein
Musashi Lean WPI Protein

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