Physio, Pregnancy shorts and counting down to the birth!

I’ve got 10 weeks until I give birth and I am really starting to feel impatient now. I don’t think  I have ever been this sedentary in my life and I am finding it hard not to train like I used to. I made the mistake of walking ‘briskly’ around the lake near home the other day. I felt good but underestimated how my body would react as normally I walk normally and not with intention in my step. I paid for it! I was quite ill when I got home and extremely tired – crazy to think I used to run and ride!


It’s not been the best week for my poor body. I ended up at the physio last week as I haven’t been able to sleep as my hips hurt like crazy when I lie down on my side which is the only way you can sleep as on your front or back are not really recommended. I am told this is a common occurance so have been looking at ways to combat – the first option was physio and the second to get some ‘pregnancy’ shorts to help give some support.

So I pottered along to the Physio near my hospital and I nearly hit the roof when she massaged me – I didn’t realise how tight my muscles were – so heat packs and Panadol are helping me get over that initial visit!

Pregnancy Shorts 

SRC Pregnancy shorts
I can’t wait to get my pregnancy shorts to help with my backache!!

I started looking at some pregnancy shorts. You can get shorts for whilst you are pregnant to help with back problems, pelvic problems etc and I had initially dismissed them and was going to get recovery shorts for once I had given birth (more compression type shorts). But now I have had the issues with my back the last week or so I warmed to the idea of Pregnancy shorts and decided to get some. I  read some reviews online and the name that kept coming up as being the best product was SRC Pregnancy shorts so I have put in an order and will be wearing them soon 🙂  Will let you know how they go as I don’t think I can go through this pain for another 10 weeks!

Exercising when pregnant surprise

I’ve been trying to keep up with my walking (or should I call it waddling – he he ) and swimming with my husband when I can which I am hoping helps me with my delivery and recovery. I was quite amazed when I went to antenatal classes at the weekend when the midwife asked how many of us ladies were exercising throughout our pregnancy – only 2 out of 10 of us put our hands up! But that’s another story.

Anyway happy training and will write more soon.

2 thoughts on “Physio, Pregnancy shorts and counting down to the birth!

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  1. Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling the best. I hope those pregnancy shorts, physio and heat packs have you feeling better soon. You are so close 🙂 Enjoy the excitement of this amazing experience 🙂

    1. Hi Amy thanks for the encouragement 🙂 My shorts arrived today so I am going to try them out. Yes not long now – it’s all becoming a bit real now!!

      Have a great day! Zoe 🙂

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