Product review|: SRC Pregnancy Pants

I’ve had a few emails about the pregnancy pants that I mentioned I was wearing a couple of weeks ago so thought I’d write up as a product review.

After having backache and pelvic pain at the start of my third trimester I went to see a physio who went to work and I looked into other ways to help reduce the pain and discovered pregnancy pants. I went with the SRC ones as they seemed to have the best reviews. The price tag seems fairly pricey but all the compression pants I have bought over the years they are comparable prices and also if it saves the cost of a physio I would say definitely worth it.

I was a bit sceptical that a pair of shorts would solve my back and pelvic issues but found that I was pleasantly surprised. The most important thing with the shorts is to follow the instructions on the SRC website to measure to ensure you have the right size as get them too tight or too loose and I can’t imagine them being effective.

So my shorts arrived and I found they took a little bit of getting used to as they are worn below the baby bump and at first I had the urge to want to pull them up – but once I got used to wearing them they kind of felt snug and very comfortable. They look a bit like my compression pants I wear for running but of course they are not designed to be as tight.

SRC Pregnancy shorts
SRC Pregnancy shorts

I found I haven’t always worn them outside because it has been so hot here in Brisbane but I have worn them as much as I can and have definitely felt better back and pelvis wise as the shorts have given me a lot more support and I’ve also found when sitting at my desk I haven’t got the backache that I was having before when sitting at my desk for a while. I also haven’t been back to the physio so that’s a definite plus as I nearly hit the roof each time the physio got to work with her elbow!

Now it’s cooling down I am wearing them more and with 5.5 weeks to go I certainly need all the support I can get.  They are nice and smooth so you can’t really tell that I’ve been wearing them under my maxi dresses or leggings.

As I have gotten bigger the last few weeks there is conveniently a button to let out if they become a bit tighter.

I made the decision also to get the SRC recovery pants which are for post pregnancy and they are more compression pants and help to get you back in shape amongst other things, so I’ll let you know how I go with those once baby is born!

Have a great weekend running. I’m looking forward to being able to say I’ll be doing the same too 🙂

SRC Pregnancy shorts
Photos on my mobile aren’t that great but gives you an idea…. I didn’t feel confident showing off my bump wearing them for a public post!

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