Less than 3 weeks to go until baby arrives :-)

I can’t believe it – baby is nearly here! I got my “I’m Expecting” App email on Tuesday telling me I was 37 weeks – in case I had forgotten (a serious possibility with the baby brain I seem to currently have!) and I sat down and thought – wooo no turning back now!

It’s been such a long 37 weeks I feel like I have had the gestation period of an elephant rather than a human – ok being slightly dramatic! and as my husband keeps reminding me people do this every second of the day – it hasn’t been the easiest with sickness throughout the whole pregnancy, lovely lovely reflux for half of the pregnancy, dodgy pelvic pain as well as back pain – although that seems to be better now with the help of my pregnancy pants :-), not to mention the hormonal ups and downs – although I reckon that has been worse for my husband than for me :-).

I’ve not done much exercise this week as without going into too much detail it’s hard to go anywhere without needing the toilet every 5 minutes lol! but I am feeling a little bit better finally and ready to embrace the world of being a mum.  My husband and I went out for our last ‘nice’ meal to Sirromet my favourite restaurant in Brisbane and I even managed to wear heels – not for long though!


looking mighty swell and was quite tired – but managed to wear heels!

Ordered my SRC recovery pants this week – I figure I need all the help I can get to get my shape back – I’m not stressing over losing the weight quickly. I want to do it healthily but everyone seems to rave about the pants so I will let you know how I go as they are meant to make getting back into shape easier as well as providing good support post recovery.

I was thinking about the key things that have been helpful to my during my pregnancy for anyone that is going through it or planning to – here’s my top 5 in no particular order:

1. Oil and more oil!

I’m not sure how effective the oil is for helping reduce the amount of stretch marks but so far so good.

I started off using Bio Oil and then I found a few not so natural things in it so switched to  Dr Lewinns oil which is more natural. I’m a natural girl by heart so much better. Then today got a lovely parcel from my friend in the UK which had some Burts Bees Mama Bee belly butter in so I will use that next!


Lovely gifts from my friend in the UK – can’t wait to try out my Burts Bees.

2. Pregnancy Shorts

I’ve already raved about these and written a product review on them but my SRC Pregnancy shorts have helped with my back and pelvic pain – so these deserve to be on my list.

3. Baby Bump seat belt clips


I have found my baby Bump Belt seat clip really useful to pull the bottom of the seat belt underneath bump thus making driving a bit more comfortable and safer. It was on special at Target when I got it so only $20.

4. Maternity bras 

Without going into major detail I felt and looked like I’d had a boob job over night and suddenly nothing fitted so I went to Myer and got myself some very unattractive but comfortable maternity bras – definitely needs to be on this list!

5. Maxi dresses and maternity websites 

Seriously I think people think that when you are pregnant your style goes out of the window and you have to look as frumpy as possible. Sorry Target but you have a lot of work to do! I was lucky (well depends on how you look at it) that Queensland has literally been warm enough to wear summer dresses since August and therefore the entirety of my pregnancy so I went and bought a load of maxi dresses along with a belt so i didnt look too frumpy and that helped. I also discovered ASOS has a maternity section on their website. Very affordable and great designs so definitely a must and they ship to Australia for free!

Anyway I’d best be off but my bag’s packed and I’m ready to go – just waiting for baby now…. 🙂

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