1 1/2 weeks to baby!!

Happy Easter!

Hope you are having a great weekend.Happy Easter

My weekend hasn’t been too eventful – feeling sick still and like a I have a watermelon stuffed inside me! Other than that I’m well and truly on countdown this week with less than a week and a half before baby is expected to make an appearance!

It’s been a week of nesting, sorting baby’s stuff out, tidying, throwing out oh and shopping 🙂

I’m preparing for post birth, got my recovery shorts a week or so ago and this week got a breastfeeding pillow which is supposed to be awesome as you can put it in the washing machine – I’ll be sure to review it and let you know how I go. We were also really lucky that my sister in law’s friend was getting rid of loads of 0-3 year old baby clothes and we came away with at least 5/6 bags worth – a lot of the stuff hasn’t even been worn so we have been really blessed! At this rate we won’t need to buy hardly any clothes for at least 2 years! I had figured I wouldnt need to think about maternity clothes shopping again but I forgot about nursing tops so that’s next on my list. It’ll probably be back to ASOS or Queen Bee as Target just don’t cut it maternity clothes wise!

My mind has started to really focus on baby coming and also dare I say joining back to a gym – yay I can’t wait – the first time I step on that treadmill will be an exciting occasion 🙂 One of my friends is into cycling so am hoping to have a spin class buddy too – but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. Need to recover first and gym comes second! Although thinking about exercise is taking my mind off the inevitable birth – am trying not to think too much about what that will be like!

Having time off from exercising as much as I used to for what must be almost a year has been a challenge but yet liberating experience so when I finally get back into my training I think my head will be in a completely different place to where it used to be. Looking forward to walking initially (then jogging) with baby around the lake near I live too.

London and Boston

Last week was the London Marathon and it brought back fond memories of my running it 11 years ago! My friend ran it and did well with a time of 3hr24 – a bit faster than my time!! It’s a great race to run and the support is always awesome. Now my focus is turning to this weekend’s Boston Marathon. It will be a bitter sweet time for those on the start line I am sure and for Boston as a whole considering what happened last year but my thoughts go out to everyone running.

Anyway have a great Easter break and hope you get some running in!  🙂

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