Product Review: SRC Pregnancy Recovery Shorts

I have had a few people ask me how I found the SRC Recovery Shorts after my pregnancy so below is my account (not an advertisement!) of how I found them and how they got me from day 1 post partum to where I am now – week 7.

Whilst I was pregnant I was very conscious of the birth and recovery – would I have to have a C section?
Would I need stitches? and what would the general recovery be like. After wearing the SRC Pregnancy Shorts I decided I would also get a pair of the Recovery Shorts which from what I could see have awesome reviews. I liked the fact that they came right up to under the bust and would stop my belly from wobbling as well as help me to recover from the birth.

SRC Recovery Shorts
benefits of Recovery Shorts

How do they feel?

They feel like compression pants unlike the pregnancy shorts which for obvious reasons have a bit more ‘give’ in them and I put them on on day 2 post partum and they’ve been great. They basically come right up under the bust and go right down as far as a long cycling short would. The fabric feels comfortable and very supportive and stops all the wobbly bits wobbling and at the same time I felt comfortable as well as confident wearing them under my clothes and felt much happier in terms of recovery. I wore them under my dresses to the shops and in my training walking bub around the lake and found them to be really comfortable.

They are easy to wash and don’t get sweaty!


Price wise they don’t come cheap like some of the shorts I have seen in shops that claim to be compression post recovery shorts but you get what you pay for at the end of the day and just Google their product and you’ll see the reviews for yourself.

Results in terms of recovery and aiding weight loss 

From a recovery point of view I have been wearing the shorts since day 2 post partum and have recovered really quickly, had no major pain from the pregnancy and felt raring to go exercise wise. Weightloss wise my stomach has gone right down – see photos – who knows if that is just my body or with help from the shorts but a lot of my friends that have had babies have been surprised at how quickly I have started to get back to my old size so I’m thinking the shorts had to have helped!

Have a look at the photos on the right. 1 is the day after my baby was born – 2 is a week or two later, 3 is week 5 and number 4 is a week ago at my citizenship ceremony – back into my very early maternity jeans and stomach getting a lot flatter. I have been eating a lot, not dieting just wearing the shorts and walking every day. I still have a bump and I am not punishing myself to get my flat stomach back but 7 weeks on the shorts have helped me feel like I am raring to go with training and that little bit closer to getting back into my skinny jeans 🙂


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  1. Hi Zoe, I’m having problems with my recovery shorts and they are sooo tight to even try and pull up. Can I please ask what size you bought as your photo looks about the size I am. I bought a large as I measured exactly as the box said (110cm). Thank you for your help and thanks for posting a photo. Hope all is going well with bubby…Cheers Jacqui

    1. Hi Jacqui thanks for your message. I honestly can’t remember. Maybe a L or XL. It was a while ago so really not sure. I’d suggest you contact SRC though if they are too small as they were really friendly and may be able to arrange to send you the next size if needed? Zoe

      1. Wow…thanks for the quick reply. I realise it was a couple of years ago so thank you. I’ll contact them directly. Happy New Year 🙂

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