Product Review: Baby Skies Feeding Pillow

Not exactly running i know but for those of you that have been reading my blog for a while will know I have just had a baby and the last year has seen my life change a lot and I wasn’t able to run for a while. I’m now nearly 14 weeks post partum and am getting back into my training but also I’ve been sharing different products that have been helping me along the way and today I am reviewing my awesome breastfeeding pillow. So this review is for all the pregnant women out there or people looking for a great gift to buy your pregnant friend/partner.

Before this pillow I had two pillows ready to go and the first one was too hard and I ended up at the physio because of it. I tried using it to prop me up when i was pregnant and my physio said it was a definite no no. The second pillow was not really a pillow it kind of wrapped around your waist and I just couldn’t work out how it could possibly be comfortable. So my last resort was to get a Baby Skies Feeding Pillow which is the only feeding pillow endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association – so I figured I couldn’t possibly go wrong with this one!


The Blueskies breastfeeding pillow arrived in a nice compact storage bag.
The Blueskies breastfeeding pillow arrived in a nice compact storage bag.

When I first got the pillow I did think it looked a bit on the small size compared to my previous pillows but it worked well. It is nice and soft but firm at the same time and I liked the fact that it came with a cover and you could put it in the machine to wash it – that’s the whole pillow which is handy when baby M decided to throw up on it!


Photo taken from Ultimate Sleep's website
Photo taken from Ultimate Sleep’s websi



Initially when Baby M was born he was quite small and I didn’t need to use it but as he got bigger and heavier I found I really needed something to prop my arm up on as well as him as my arm got tired and ached so it worked really well.

I also find I use the pillow for other things now like using as another pillow when I am watching TV, using as an additional pillow when sleeping on my side.

The pillow is a boomerang shape and soft but yet firm to touch
The pillow is a boomerang shape and soft but yet firm to touch


We haven’t had any issues with allergies yet but apparently the pillow is great for allergy and asthma sufferers so that’s an added bonus.

So on the whole the pillow has been really helpful to me and I consider it to be a great product definitely in comparison to my two previous pillows! If anyone else has used one of these or has any comments I’d love to hear.


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