Harvest Box Snack packs – great idea for a healthy post gym snack ! @harvestbox

I’ve been trying to stop eating rubbish in the last week or so as I have been probably eating more than I should now that baby is on the outside not the inside! I bought myself a protein bar thinking that would be better for me and I couldn’t finish it. It’s funny I used to eat a lot of protein bars and powder but since having my baby I can’t seem to stomach them so I have been looking for something a bit more natural and healthy to snack on.

I hadn’t heard of Harvest Box and was recently sent some samples so the timing was perfect. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I find nuts a bit boring to be honest. I cook with them but don’t really enjoy eating them too much as they are a bit bland – but that’s me.

So when I was sent some Harvest Box samples I was in snack heaven as they are nuts along with dried fruits and some even have chocolate in! At a weight of 40g a bag even if you buy the ones with chocolate in it is hardly like having a bar of chocolate so it’s a guilt free snack! My favourite were the Yo Cherry bags which have dried cherries, yogurt balls and hazelnuts in – yum. The We Love nuts bags are nice too and they are just Cashews, Brazil Nuts, Almonds and Peanuts – better for if you don’t want the sugar from the dried fruit. I carried a bag around with me and ate after each gym session – there is just enough in the bag to be a decent snack size.

No sooner had I tried them that I noticed them in Coles so you can buy the snack packs for $2.50 a packet  and there is a good variety to choose from.

So many flavours – these are just a few! My favourite was Yo Cherry – sooo good!

The great thing I discovered about Harvest Box was that they have a whole other side to their nut business – you can order nuts online and it actually works out cheaper that way too according to the prices on their website.

I find nuts quite expensive here in Australia and so I thought this was a really good idea at a really good price – $7.95 – and according to their website you get the first box half price!

Basically you choose 4 portions of mixed nuts, dried fruits and other healthy snacks that float your boat and they are delivered straight to your door free.  What a great idea! I’m thinking of getting some delivered on a weekly basis to help me stop snacking on not so good things!

Anyway I just wanted to share these with you in case you haven’t seen them as it’s a great idea and natural too.




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