It’s always good to get a second opinion

Sorry I haven’t written in a little while – our whole family has been sick! Baby M got sick and then I did and then my husband and it just seemed to linger and linger so I haven’t been exercising or anything which has been a bit frustrating but one of those things.

To top it off my arm still isn’t feeling great. If you’ve been reading my blog lately you’ll know I have a bad wrist from lifting my baby up a lot! It’s been tough as I can’t really rest it as he always needs to be lifted so I’ve been quite down with it all as the pain has been awful. Anyway I went to see a physio who then referred me to a hand therapist and when I mentioned I had a pain in my upper arm too she dismissed it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.03.44 pm

I mentioned all of this to one of the personal trainers at my gym and he recommended a physio right next door to our gym and I thought I would give it one last go before considering something more drastic. So I called her first as I was not wanting to pay another ‘consultation fee’ for nothing and she was great and has 25 years of musco skeletal experience as well as physio of course.

I went along for my consultation with Cathy at Cathy Doring Physio which she gave me 50% off the first because of all the hassle I had and it turns out most of the issue is my neck which is causing pain in the upper arm and then the wrist is kind of affected from some of that too. She massaged my next and I felt a lot of relief straight the way. I have a lot of work to do on my wrist still but I feel so much better knowing that someone actually can help me and isnt dismissing my pain. I’m so glad I got a second opinion and feel if you don’t feel right about something you should always get a second opinion.

So whilst it has been a not so great time with being sick and injured – I am feeling positive that this is all being fixed 🙂

Anyway have a great week and as always happy running 🙂

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