Product Review: CW-X Womens 3/4 length running tights @RunStopShop

I recently got some CW-X 3/4 running tights from my favourite online running store Run Stop Shop and I have to say they are great. Still having a bit of a jelly belly from baby and wanting to run without feeling my insides weren’t jiggling up and down these tights are great.CW-X Running tights


When I first put them on they felt very snug but they are meant to. They have a draw string at the top so it means you can pull them as tight as you like which I like as I like to feel everything is being held in! I’ve had tights in the past that are just elastic at the top and they haven’t fitted properly to my shape.  I Like the fact as well they they are not as low rising as other running tights so I don’t have a muffin top!

I haven’t had great experiences with 3/4 length tights before as they have always been quite tight on the calf and I’ve ended up with a deep imprint on my leg when I remove them but these were not too bad. I jostled around a bit to get the pattern in the right place to maximise compression as the knee bit needs to be on the knee but once I had them on they were really comfortable and flattened all my wobbly bits – awesome!

Climate control 

They felt quite thick which for Queensland I thought might be an issue in summer but they would be a great spring, autumn and winter tight to wear and also for the cooler days in summer as there are a few air vents in them to give some breathing space.

CW-X 3/4 length running tights
Being put through my paces in a PT session wearing my CW-X tights. They were very comfortable and kept all my jiggly bits in!

To run in they are so comfortable. After baby M was born I bought some ‘el cheapo’ tights from Target and K Mart but you do get what you pay for and I spent half my time when back into running pulling them up or wiggling them around but these never moved and I felt quite secure my butt wasn’t going to suddenly make an appearance! I did a PT session in them and they were great support so they are definitely a favourite in my wardrobe right now. There are lots of different compression tights out there on the market and it often is a case of finding the right ones for you. I think I have probably tried most of them now and they are a firm favourite in my wardrobe.

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