Wrists on the mend :-)

I hope your training is going well. I’m getting there and got a few posts to catch up on as life has been pretty busy lately but thought I would focus on my wrists in this post. Anyone regularly reading my blog will know after having my baby it seems I now have tendonitis in both wrists 😦

I wrote in a previous post about my current issues with my wrist. Unfortunately things didn’t get better and I ended up having a cortisone injection in my hand. My Dr gave me referrals to get both wrists done as they were both very sore but I decided in the end to get one done first to check that it worked ok and then get the other done.

I made the mistake of Googling Cortisone injections and was faced with lots of really negative articles and one person said the person administering the injection hit a bone and they passed out so I was terrified. I walked in a nervous wreck but the guy was nice and reassured me. Basically he did an ultra sound guided injection so he could make sure he got the injection in the right place – not bones were hit and it felt ok – a bit of a twinge but other than that great.

That was about 2 weeks ago and my hand still feels great. The other hand not so great – I did try acupuncture on that whilst I waited to see what my first wrist did which was an interesting experience considering i hate needles. I had needles coming out of my finger, toes and ankle to treat my hand and it felt much better when I left but I am not sure i could go back as I felt really stressed with all the needles to be honest!

Cortisone Injection done!

So I am gearing myself up to go and get the second hand done and looking forward to being able to pick baby M up again as currently my husband wont let me lift him to rest my hands!

It hasn’t really affected my running thankfully. Throughout all of this it’s the one thing that has been keeping me going! I didn’t realise how much I used my hands until it came to.not being able to use them!

Anyway onwards and upwards. Going to see my physio on Monday for some exercises for my left hand and then booking in for cortisone for the right!

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