Product Review: Well Naturally No Added Sugar Chocolate and WIN some for yourself!

The sugar epidemic

Did you know that on average, Australians consume approximately 54 kilograms of sugar per year – the equivalent of 37 teaspoons per person, per day! The World Health Organisation recently released its much-anticipated guidelines for sugar consumption, recommending that sugar only contributes to five per cent of the recommended daily energy intake – or around six teaspoons a day.

When I was contacted by Well Naturally to review their No Added Sugar Chocolate I wasn’t sure as I honestly couldn’t really imagine what chocolate might taste like without sugar. I decided to give it ago and you can read my review below as well as enter a competition to win one of two packs which will include 2 big blocks of chocolate and 3 bars of chocolate – see the bottom of this post.

Review Well Naturally

Having been off sugar 90% for the last few months I thought this would be the ideal time to try this as my palette has really changed where it comes to sweet things. Even when I was pregnant I preferred savoury to sweet although as soon as I gave birth I was craving sugar again!

Anyway Well Naturally sent me three blocks of chocolate – Milk Chocolate – creamy milk, Milk Chocolate fruit and nut and Dark Chocolate – rich dark


So the first thing I did was look at the back of the packet and scour the packet for sugar as a lot of products say something is low sugar or no sugar and you can usually find it hidden amongst the fine print somewhere in the ingredients.

I couldn’t find any sugar and the way the chocolate has been slightly sweetened is by using stevia.The main ingredient was cocoa mass and cocoa butter and it says that sugar content is naturally derived from ingredients and then there is stevia which I am not a huge fan of so I wasn’t sure whether I would actually like the taste.

Taste and texture

I was surprised to be honest that the chocolate tasted better than I thought it would. Of course it was a different taste to normal chocolate and not as sweet but it tasted like chocolate but just not sweet and the texture was even the same too and now I’ve had a bit of it I am used to it and could keep on eating it! I wasn’t as keen on the dark chocolate as I was on the milk as it was a bit bitter for me but I have always been a milk chocolate fan anyway so it’s hard to give a comparison to dark chocolate when I’m not keen on it. I got my husband to try though and he said it was nice.

It left a little bit of an after taste I found but not so much that I haven’t continued eating it.


Well Naturally
Took this photo in Target and as you can see there is a huge range in the Well Naturally range. Price ranges from $3 – $5.50

There are small bars like normal chocolate bar size and then larger bars. The bars are stocked in Coles and Woolworths and I also saw some today in Target. The price point seems to be around $3 for a smaller bar and $5.50 for a larger block which is more than you would normally pay for mainstream chocolate but I am used to paying more for most things that are healthy so it doesn’t bother me so much.

WIN some FREE Well Naturally Bars

Well Naturally are offering two lucky people two big chocolate blocks and 3 smaller bars. All you need to do is finish the sentence in the comments box below and you’ll be entered….

Sentence to complete…. “Chocolate makes me___________”

Closing date is 30th November and only open to people living in Australia (sorry).

Ps I’ve also posted this on my  Twitter account so you can enter on there also and I will keep an eye on them all.

Please note I was sent the chocolate bars to review from Well Naturally but was not paid for my review and the review above is my own honest opinion.

16 thoughts on “Product Review: Well Naturally No Added Sugar Chocolate and WIN some for yourself!

Add yours

  1. I used to work in a pharmacy that stocked Well Naturally Chocolate and we would get sample packs to snack on through the day 🙂 Maybe not the healthiest of snacks, but it kept us going.
    Nowadays…’Chocolate makes me feel like the sun is warming my belly from the inside out.”

  2. Oh gosh, this stuff is BAD. As in, it’s so good that it’s bad because the “no sugar” means that it’s kind guilt-free in my head… but it’s not really! Pure genuis, but pure evil too! 🙂

    Chocolate makes me happy – it’s serious brain food when you’re writing!

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