Getting my running mojo back in the rain

We’ve had shocking storms in Brisbane the last week or so. But whilst our house has been damaged and we are waiting for repairs something positive came out of it. I got my running mojo back!

I have found in the last few months getting back into running after having my baby has not been as easy as I thought and I haven’t been that motivated. I found when running outside or on the treadmill that I had plateaued and I didn’t feel i was improving. So anyway…

Running in the Rain - the girl that runs
I managed to find somewhere to shelter but it wasn’t the best day to be running outside!

I was out running with baby M in the Baby Jogger before my PT session and the heavens opened and it absolutely threw it down. I was right out in the open and there was no shelter. I managed to stand out of the rain eventually and it just rained and rained and rained. I was contemplating cancelling PT because I didn’t think I’d get there in time –  but something switched inside of me – that old familiar focussed running drive – saying ‘come on just sprint and push through the pain and the rain – suck it up’.

There was a couple standing sheltering nearby watching me probably wondering what is she going to do with the baby in the rain. Baby M was fine by the way – he was bone dry whereas I was like a drowned rat! So I looked at them, smiled, put my running face on and sprinted in what i can only describe as torrential rain for a good KM. It felt great to push through that pain barrier and sprint hard. I raced into the shops and by the time I came out the rain had stopped and I went to PT but had I not sprinted and been in the rain I never would have realised that I’m stronger than I thought and my strength was always there I just had to find it again! So here’s to another good week of running!

happy running 🙂

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