Product Review : Airia Trainers

I have to admit I had never heard of the Airia Brand, so when Airia approached me and asked me to try their Aria One shoe out I wasn’t sure. I scoured the internet and the reviews were mixed but of those positive reviews people said that they had got faster wearing the shoe and the company itself claims to help you be able to run 7% faster so I thought why not? I’ll try the shoe out. I’ve run in a lot of different brands over my time running including Nike, Saucony, Adidas, New Balance and now I am an ASICs convert so trying this shoe was going to be a challenge as it was so different.The Girl That Runs previews Airia trainers 20141014_121657

Overall look and feel

My shoes arrived and I was intrigued. They didn’t look like your average running shoe. They were very light compared to my normal trainers, and really curled up at the end. You certainly wouldn’t be able to wear these like normal trainers to walk down to the shops in that’s for sure. in Airia’s promo material they do advise that they are made solely for running not to walk or stand in.


When I first put them on they felt a bit strange but very comfortable. They are extremely light so I felt like I was wearing slippers rather than a running shoe. Airia’s promo material advised to put at least 10k into the shoe before getting used to them which I did. On the treadmill the shoes felt good. I really enjoyed running in them and I don’t know if I felt like I was running faster but I did have a good run and felt good running in them. I did find where the shoes tilted upwards they felt a bit strange and I don’t think my feet would be able to deal with that over a longer distance as my toes were sliding around a bit as the shoe was a bit wide.

Running outside I was a bit more aware that the shoe didn’t give masses of support like my normal trainers but they did continue to be nice to run in and again  I also found as they are quite wide that my toes and bottom end of the foot was sliding around a bit. As a middle distance runner these shoes would definitely not be great for running over a longer distance as they don’t really give much support in the ankle at all and I have rolled my ankles on a number of occasion in other trainers so that was a definite put off for me. I do wear orthotics and whilst they fitted ok when I actually went to see my physio she was not too keen on my running in them regularly because of the support issue.


Whilst the shoe was very comfortable and light fitting and would be great to race in – the biggest issue for me was the lack of support that I need and the shoe is quite wide. They were comfortable on the treadmill over a short distance so I think I will continue to wear them for sprints.

I try to be as honest and balanced as I can when writing reviews and encourage people to try for themselves. This is just my opinion but see for yourself at Airia’s website.

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