Last Minute Christmas Shopping Ideas for the female runner in your life!

Wow two posts in two days! That’s an impressive effort for me!

My poor husband always struggles with what to buy me for Christmas. The first Christmas we were together he bought me something for the kitchen and I will always remember the look on my family’s face and that deep breath everyone took as I opened it. It’s not that I am ungrateful – I most certainly am not but I guess like most girls I like to feel pampered and spoiled – and for me a kitchen item didn’t really meet that need! I thought it was a joke at the time and that the real present would then be given but – that was the real present!


Anyway I have been thinking about running and exercise in general and what might be nice this Christmas and have put some ideas below if you are a guy trying to think of last minute ideas for your beloved girlfriend/wife. Most of these items will be available in high street stores and online shops such as Run Stop Shop but you might need to get a move on as you have less than a week 🙂 Some of the items you might find boring but for a runner they might be the best thing ever! I haven’t put clothes or anything on as they are very subjective i.e. bright pink shorts for one person would be a definite no no for someone like me so in that case – vouchers work well!

I’ve indicated $ being cheap as in under $50 and $$$ as in over $200

Training diary – $

There are a lot of apps out there that you can log your training but sometimes it’s nice to have an old fashioned hard copy of something especially with training (in my opinion). Just type training diary into Google and bobs yer uncle lots will come up! Runner’s World do one as do a lot of the high street shops and wonderful Book Depository.

Activity Monitor $$

In my last post I reviewed a Polar Loop Activity bracelet – these are a great idea for someone wanting to get into exercise/fitness and also wants to be able to see how active they really are. They double up as a watch too – perfect!Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.38.47 am

Running Belt $$

There are simply hundreds of different running belts on the market – ranging from simple ones that go around the waist with a zip to belts that have water bottles on them too. I guess for me I hate having too much around my waist so I’d opt for the one with the zip but I have friends that run with 6 bottles strapped to them! But anyway a great idea for someone running in the summer heat to have a bottle to hand. It’s difficult to pinpoint one belt but here are links to a couple – if you run out of time delivery wise then try the High Street, shopping malls.

SPI Belts – This is the expandable belt with zip

Run Stop Shop – a great range on here at reasonable prices – The Nathan might be a good one for bottles

Camelbak – Good old Camelbak. Starting with belts right up to their backpacks – another good brand/idea – I ran most of my marathons with some sort of running backpackScreen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.37.52 am

Runner’s World Subscription $$ (you may be able to get a deal for under $50)

When I first started running properly Runner’s World Magazine was my running bible. It’s full of lots of useful information from training tips to clothing reviews to what to eat before a race. I found after a few years though that I knew most stuff and the features were a bit similar year on year but it’s a great gift idea for a new runner.Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.36.32 am

Heart Rate/GPS Watch/ $$$

I remember when I got my Garmin. I was so excited. I could barely wait for the watch to charge and I was out running then raced back home to check how I had done and how accurate it was! It’s such a great tool for monitoring my progress, heart rate, distance – you name it. So if you really want to splash out this year – they are a great way to go. Lots of different brands such as Garmin, Polar, Tom Tom to name a few and the functions on the watches lower end are quite similar whereas if you are spending a lot i.e. over $400 then you need to know what functions are required really or keep the receipt!

A few suggestions of where to look are below – I have tended to list the stores that sell a number of brands but you can always check the brand directly but often you find you get referred to a retailer for some things anyway.

Sportsmart – Some quite high end watches here – if you’re feeling extravagant….

Run Stop Shop – I keep mentioning them as their prices and service are great. You could always use their Live Chat option to chat about the best watch on their website.

RebelSport – A great High Street/mall store if you run out of time

Michelle Bridges 12wbt blog has a nice article around choosing a Heart Rate watch although it’s pretty Polar focussed! Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.34.56 am


I heard you suck your breath in then… you can buy diamonds if you like but how about a nice ring, necklace that highlights your loved ones achievements such as a marathon – great idea. Whether you would get now in time for Christmas but it could be a winner!

Check out Sporty Girls Gear and Etsy which both have some fantastic ideas for gifts.  Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.33.36 am

Gift Cards $-$$$

Running clothing has come a long way since I started running, I used to either wear my club stuff, Nike or Adidas but now there are brands everywhere such as Lululemon, Running Bare, Lorna Jane,2XU, Nike, Adidas, I could go on….

If you are really stuck for ideas and I always say this to my husband then just get me a voucher and I can go and buy what I want. Some years he has done that and others he has been brave and successful 🙂

I’m hoping my husband is reading this but who know’s what santa will bring this year 🙂

Any other great ideas please feel free to share. I’m always on the look out for new ideas !

Happy running and shopping and Happy Christmas!

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