Product Review: Start 2015 off on the right footing with Slim Secrets new range @slimsecrets

Happy New Year! I hope you are settling into 2015. I have a feeling it’s going to be another eventful year! One of the things I am trying to do this year is to really stick to eating cleaner. I find I feel so much better when I do. I had a clear out this weekend of all the wheat in my pantry as well as things that shouldn’t be in there!

It’s funny I have found since being pregnant and giving birth that my palette has completely changed and things I liked before I can no longer eat/drink. I did find after having my son that my sweet tooth returned and I overindulged a bit to begin with as I hadn’t had sugar in ages as it made me sick. I didn’t touch protein powders etc for a long time either. Todays post is a product review.

I’ve always been a fan of Slim Secrets products as unlike some of the products out there theirs taste nice and they sent me some to try from their new range – two ‘Protein Indulgence ‘ drinks –  and two protein bars – called the Bare Bar.

Bare Bars 

The Bare Bars are promoted as protein bars and the thing i liked is that they are gluten free which now that I am cutting wheat and gluten out of my diet is perfect as some other brand protein bars have gluten in.

Overall opinion on taste

Slim Secrets Protein Bars review on the girl that runs
I had to take images from Slim Secrets website as I forgot to take photos of the products they sent.

The bars come in two flavours – Berries and Cream and Double chocolate. I loved the berries and cream bar it tasted nice and not too artificial. It was not sweet – as they use stevia in the bars and I ate half before a work out and half afterwards and wanted more!

The double chocolate I really wasn’t a fan of. I really believe that chocolate is chocolate and if you want it have the real thing as ‘healthy’ chocolate flavours always disappoint as they never taste like what you really are after. The bar in comparison to the berries one tasted a bit drier as well so I wasn’t too keen on that either. I’m not keen on artificial sweeteners including stevia and again the chocolate seemed to have more of an artificial taste to me than the berries.


From an ingredients point of view for protein lovers out there they do have over 12g of protein so that’s good. They also have 10+g of fibre. The carbs are minimal as is the sugar which is basically stevia rather than real sugar.

You can order the bars from their website or buy them in Target or at the supermarket so they are readily available which is good.

Protein Indulgence Shakes 

ok, onto the protein shakes. These come in a handy size bottle which you can throw in your gym bag and they come in two flavours – Caramel Latte and Choc Coconut. I like the bottles as it means you don’t have to measure everything out – you simply drink.

I find with drinks like this I need to put them in the fridge as I can’t drink them at room temperature. So I took them along to a training session for my friend and I try out.

Slim Secrets Protein Shakes review on the girl that runs
I had to nab a photo from Slim Secrets website as I forgot to take a photo before drinking and throwing the bottles away!

You might notice a pattern here as again I wasn’t keen on the chocolate but liked the caramel as did my friend. We just found the choc coconut tasted a bit too artificial and we weren’t keen on the mix with the coconut. The caramel I would definitely have again.


The drinks have more protein in them than the bars and they are just over 126 calories. Again they are sweetened with stevia rather than sugar and they also have green tea extract in them which according to their site Green tea has been shown to increase fat burning and boost the metabolic rate as well as improve brain function and lower the risk of cancer.

For gluten free peeps like me again these drinks are gluten free which is great and they also are low lactose.


I think at the end of the day though the drinks and the bars do come down to taste as if you don’t like certain flavours you just aren’t going to like the taste. I guess people have protein snacks for a reason so the ingredients are more important potentially.

As I say with all my product reviews especially food/drink go and try for yourself as this is just my opinion and everyone likes different things. Slim Secrets has a huge range of products so I am sure there is something you might like to try 🙂


Please note  I was not paid for this review just sent samples to try. I try to be honest in my reviews and give an accurate opinion of how I found the product.

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