Silly running mistakes I made this morning!

After this mornings run you’d never guess I had been running for 12 years! I was all set to go and had my kit ready the night before, my iPod charged, and my new TomTom GPS watch to try out which I was very excited about.

So the alarm went off and my husband politely shoved me out of bed and I was up and ready to go! Half way through my run I was exhausted and I was only meant to be running 5.5k and I couldn’t understand why a) it was taking me so long, and b) it felt so tough. Then I realised – Zoe you are such an idiot – you’ve forgotten some simple running 101 rules! I can just see my trainers face – head in hands right now!


I was so eager to get out of the house that I raced out and realised I hadn’t had anything to eat. I figured it was only a 5.5k run so I didn’t need to eat – WRONG of course and I should know this having religiously observed eating right before a run since I started running!

Queensland heat

I always under estimate the heat here in Queensland. In the UK on those rare boiling hot days (one of which I collapsed and ended up in hospital) I would run early, run slower and run in the shade. It felt ok this morning but I became very sluggish very quickly.

Take water on your run 

Take water when you run - the girl that runs
I can’t believe I didn’t take any water on my run with me!

Yeah running 101 again – I didn’t take water on. In the UK I never used to and the people I ran with would always say what a hindrance it was to carry water so we would ensure there was water on the route at fountains and toilets etc. But today again I figured I’d have some water around the lake – but then realised as I was running oops I changed my route and the run doesn’t include that section of the lake – I just wasn’t thinking.

But the biggest mistake I made this morning was very silly! 

TomTom Cardio watch
Silly me had my new TomTom watch on miles instead of km!

My brand new TomTom Running Cardio watch arrived yesterday from my friends at RunStopShop (review coming soon!) so naturally I could not wait to try it out today after retiring my faithful Garmin 405 cx so last night I sat and set everything up online but I forgot to pay too much attention to the watch and when I was out running this morning I struggled so much with motivation and it seemed every time I looked at my watch I was getting nowhere.

The negative thoughts came into my mind and I thought – what am I trying to prove running a marathon this year and why is this so hard!? Then at about what I thought was 4k – I looked at the time and my brain suddenly kicked into awake mode and I realise I was running in miles mode not km! so by the end of the run I had actually done 7.24km instead of what I thought was around 4.5km as it was in miles!  Silly me!!!

I got home and was exhausted, drank lots of water, had some breakfast and the day began! I won’t be making these mistakes again I hope….

Have a great weekend and happy running 🙂

4 thoughts on “Silly running mistakes I made this morning!

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  1. I find that I’m actually running better when I eat after a run (so no breakfast).
    If I know I’m going for a longer run, then I might consume some nuts. This works for me though.
    I know the feeling of no water. I carry a small (120ml) bottle in my spibelt on my 9km runs now, it’s enough to get me through. Longer runs I use my hydration vest.

    1. Matilda how do you find the spibelt? I’ve never been too successful running with things around my waist….I had a booked egg before my run yesterday – sounds nuts but it seemed to work 🙂

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