Take the boredom out of treadmill training with these tips

Wow how time flies. I didn’t realise it had been 10+ days since my last post.

Training is going well and I am slowly getting the mileage up. I ran 8k yesterday and am due to do 10k today/tomorrow so that will be the longest distance I have done in a while but I am so enjoying being back training. I am following my training plan to the letter and trying not to get injured! It’s going to go up and up distance wise so bring on the hard work!Running on treadmill

I’m finding I am getting bored with the treadmill now the distances are going up. One training session which continually puts the pace up keeps me entertained but the other ones where I am just running the same pace have started to bore me so I will need to be thinking about getting outside more I think!

Here are a few tips to take the boredom out of your treadmill running:

Mix things up

Try doing what you might do outside inside by doing some sort of fartlek or speed session so you are not doing the same pace all the time. I find it hard when I am plodding away and literally going nowhere so am thankful for the runs that involve changing pace and incline.

Running buddy 

I was on the treadmill the other week and a girl got onto the treadmill next to me, she was of a similar running ability and she started hammering the treadmill and it actually pushed me to keep going and I felt like I had someone training with me. I thanked her when she finished for keeping me going. It can often help to train with someone to keep the boredom factor at bay.


If you are a music fan which I am music can work very well to alleviate the boredom. I have certain tracks that push me further than others. Some I have already used as my running song of the month – have a look at my running song posts for ideas. Put together a good playlist and see how it works for you.

Vary distances

Don’t do the same distance at the same speed all the time, thats enough to bore anyone. have some days that are maybe shorter and faster and others that are slower and longer.

Anyway – more to come soon – hopefully next time I write I will have confirmed my marathon 😀

Happy running!

* please note that I am not a qualified personal trainer or physician. These are just my opinions and experiences so always check with a GP or qualified trainer before embarking on any exercise.

2 thoughts on “Take the boredom out of treadmill training with these tips

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  1. I really enjoyed the “Zombies, Run!” app when I used to run on the treadmill – although it encourages occasional bouts of higher-paced running to outrun the zombie horde that was chasing you. You can add a playlist to it too so that it plays a song or two, covers a bit of the story, back to music, story, etc.

    I tried using the app outdoors, but stopped after a day when I was approaching red lights as the zombie horde was chasing me and had to run hard UP a steep hill. Fun, but also not fun.

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