Tips for staying motivated in your running

It’s been a good couple of weeks with my training dare I say it and I’ve been running 5 days a week following the schedule given to me by my trainer and I’m slowly getting there. It’s amazing how quickly you lose your fitness but great that thanks to muscle memory the body gets back into things fairly well. My distances have ranged from 5k-12k this week and in the next few weeks the numbers really start to creep up so I’m a bit nervous but equally feeling good that 5k doesn’t feel so long anymore and whilst I am running slowly I can feel myself getting fitter again.

I mix my training between the gym and outside and its hard at the gym to not put my speed up when the adrenalin of having other people around kicks in but I’ve tried to be sensible and I think the fastest I’ve got up to was 10kph – I try not to think about the fact I used to be able to run starting at 13 and get up to 16kph+. But the upside is that I feel good and confident rather than pushing those numbers up and failing because i push too hard too soon.

I’ve been having up and down moments with staying focussed and motivated but have done a few things that have helped which I’m sharing below. Here are a few tips I thought of whilst out running today for if you are struggling with your training right now. They are things that I have found work for me anyway 🙂

Tips for staying motivated

Remember the goal Try to remember the end goal. Mine is to do a marathon in my 40th year (eek there I said it out loud!) and when you feel down or wanting to push harder quicker remember that end goal and this is just training for the real race day. If you don’t have a goal – it’s good to have one. Even if it is just to run 2km that is still a goal and a great one at that!

Monitor your progress  Write each training session down as you will be amazed how much you improve. I wear my GPS HRM watch all the time and log everything so I can see how I am improving on my running splits, heart rate and overall distance and time. I was only training a few times a week last year and now I train 5 days so I have to give myself a pat on the back and look through stats when I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. I am not running as fast as I used to but I am running and I am running a lot and that’s good enough for me right now 🙂

Running buddy  Find someone to run with you in some or all of your runs if you find more motivation that way. I run with my lovely friend on Sundays and will be running with another lovely friend on my longer Saturday runs as the mileage goes up along with my fitness – running and chatting is such a liberating thing and the time flies by.

Be held accountable 

I have found the best thing to keep me motivated was to use a trainer to coach me to my next goal. He follows up and does my program as well as encourages and keeps me focussed. It makes me much more motivated to train as I know I will have to answer to him if I don’t train!

Plan a shopping trip or treat at a certain point

Have you been eyeing off those lovely running pants? Well give yourself some motivation by setting a goal to treat yourself when you do something in your training. It might be running that race, running that extra km per week – something that will motivate you to push that bit harder. I love shopping so that’s a perfect one for me. Yesterday I bought new shoes 😀

Anyway just a few thoughts as I chill after my Sunday run 🙂 Have a great weekend and as usual – Happy running 🙂

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