Over 50k this week and training is finally progressing!

This week has been a mixed week when it comes to training. I’ve got in the back of my mind that I’m running my marathon in less than 6 months and am trying to remain calm considering I’ve not been seriously training for a while. January was my ‘ok let’s kick some butt’ month and my training has been going well since.

I had a minor hiccup with socks and shoes mistakes but after a visit to the podiatrist earlier in the week I am all good and back on track and my lovely blue and pink Saucony trainers will be unfortunately going onto eBay as I can’t wear them. Back to the Kayano – not that I mind as I love the Kayano shoe – I just have a habit of ending up with the most expensive item because of some issue and this is no exception with my orthotics!

This week I clocked up over 50km – it should have been slightly more but I had a few setbacks getting back into training after having my foot strapped. I’m generally feeling good but have been very tired. Running on the treadmill sucks when doing longer distance – I did 13k last night and with the terrible rain we are having in Queensland the 15k and and 10k I have to do on Saturday and Sunday may well end up being on the treadmill too! I was lucky to be running next to a lovely girl in the gym last night and she kept me going for a fair few km! I thanked her when she finished for keeping me going 🙂

In the last 6 weeks I have gone from struggling to run 5k at 8.5 on the treadmill to running 14-16km comfortably at between 9.5-9.8 on a good day so I am taking that as improvement and even managed to get to 10.5 last night when finishing off on the treadmill.

So how is your training? and what are your goals for the next month?enjoy-your-journey - thegirlthatruns.com

Here are mine:

– to get stronger in my training and not to feel like an old woman when running longer distances

– to stick to my training plan and not to be tempted to go further when feeling stronger

– to listen to my body and slow down when too tired or feeling niggles

but most of all to enjoy this journey and being able to run 🙂 I figure when it comes to our journey – running that is – we are in charge of the map and what we do and where we go – so enjoy it 🙂

Have a great weekend! It’s going to be a wet one here!!

Happy Running 🙂

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