Tips for 3 months before your marathon #GCAM15 #runstopshop

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind but great from a running point of view. I am slowly getting faster and slowly getting used to running further. This week I have done around 60k and I finally feel like I am getting a bit stronger. Saturday I ran 20k, yesterday 6.5k and today I ran 12k with an 18k tomorrow!  I am finding that looking back now – running at 10.5kph doesn’t seem so hard on the treadmill anymore whereas back in January running at 8kph was tough so it is great to see consistency has equalled improvement although I am still finding it hard as the mileage goes up.

I can’t believe it is only 3 and a bit months to the race! Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2015 It’s been an exciting month or so and I was invited by The Gold Coast Marathon organisers to be an Ambassador!

I am quite nervous now because it’s not like I am an elite athlete or really have a story to tell. I just run and write about it! So whereas before I was planning on running and not stressing too much about it all I feel a little bit more nervous now. As a RunStopShop Ambassador as well it all feels a bit surreal.

Being an Ambassador means that I will be covering my time in the lead up to the race which I am doing anyway and then attend a lunch the day before and be interviewed so that’s a bit scary but all exciting.

I’m working through my training plan and have incorporated a few more carbs into my diet as since the beginning of the year I dropped off carbs a bit but I can’t now because of all the energy I am using. I’m starting to think about race kit and gels etc so I have been trying out different gels to make sure my stomach doesn’t react badly to them. I believe the official gel on the day is lemon-lime Endura Rehydration Formula so I will try that too.

Below are some tips that I wanted to share but also that are on my mind at the moment as I approach the 3 month countdown mark in the lead up to the marathon that might be of interest if you are running your first marathon.

3 months before marathon tips


In the past with my marathons I’ve run – by this point I have had to ensure I can run at least 13-15 miles comfortably as from here the mileage needs to go up fairly steeply. I have been training as you know since January for this after coming back to training after having my son last year but if you are already fit then 12 weeks should be plenty of time to train. I am dreading the next months program that my trainer is preparing as i know it’s going to be full-on but I intend to embrace it like I now embrace hills 🙂

Race Entry

Make sure you have actually entered the race! I know people that have gotten so carried away with training that they actually almost missed the race entry cut off times. A lot of races tend to give earlybird entry specials and the prices go up nearer the time.

Kit and Gels

Start thinking about the weather at the time of the race and what training kit you might need or want to try closer to the time ready for the day. I generally have two or three pairs of trainers on the go at any one time and it’s good to know which trainers/kit work best for you on your long runs to avoid any issues on race day. Like I said above with Gels – try them out and don’t decide to try a new one on the day. I ran a half marathon where I made that mistake and ended up throwing up half way round.

Also if this is your first marathon or like me you are coming back to training after a baby or injury be aware of clothing and that it might get looser! I was running this morning and I had put on some old tights that I wore when I was a bit bigger and they started to fall down as I was running lol! I ended up having to pull them up all the way round so find clothing you like but be prepared you might have to buy a size or two smaller closer to the race if you drop weight.

Long run partner

I’ve been running with my lovely friend on a Saturday when doing my long run and it has made a huge amount of difference to my training. Normally I am a bit of a loner when it comes to running but the long runs are nice and gentle and a great time to catch up with my friend and to support one another as we run for a couple of hours. Sometimes she only runs half way with me and other times the full way but regardless I so appreciate the time we have to catch up and chat and run together – it certainly alleviates the monotony of the long run.

Anyway have a great Monday and as always – Happy Running 🙂

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