Product Review: Lululemon technical Running gear

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Lululemon asking if I wanted to meet up and chat about their technical running clothes to assist me with my training. To be honest I hadn’t really looked at Lululemon for running clothes before but I was pleasantly surprised at how much technical running product they have. They recently opened a store at Indooroopilly in Brisbane and it is quite a find.

I avoided the tiny miniscule running shorts that they also sell as I figured there would be a serious issue of trying to fit my generous thighs into them and I would probably look ridiculous! So they kindly gave me a trail running vest and a pair of 3/4 running tights.

I tried the outfit out both at the gym and outside in a medium length and a long distance run so what you see below is my honest account of how I found the clothes.

Technical top 

The Girl that Runs - wearing Lululemon
Just after my session at the gym wearing the top and tights – the panels on the top are fairly slimming so that’s a bonus for me!

Fabric, general style

To be honest I wasn’t 100% convinced with the material in the top before I ran in it and I was worried I would be pulling it down all the time as it felt quite shiny – but I found I didn’t have an issue once I was comfortable with the top and the way it sat. The size larger was too big so I was worried it might be too small but it just sat right. I did find I had a bit of a crinkle in the middle as I am an hourglass shape so not an up and down size but it it was fine.


The thing I liked about the top is that the arms do not come right up to the arm pit but you have a lower cut meaning you don’t have the issue of chafing – like it!

Running Tights

Tights are always an area I struggle with and post-baby I figured it might be an issue with my wobble that refuses to go away!

Fabric, general style

I figure I can’t go wrong with black. I am not very adventurous when it comes to colour on my bottom half so colour got my seal of approval 🙂 with a little bit of girly detail at the bottom – some see through black fabric and a small amount of pattern 🙂


Loved the design mainly because the tights actually came up to the waist and not to my belly button – yay – no muffin top!  They were very comfortable and they were tight but not compression pant tight so you knew they were there but didn’t have the life sucked out of you (although I love that feeling with compression pants!)

The tights also have a pocket to put your energy gels in etc which is handy.

So the main thing was actually running in them and trying them out!

Issues I have had with running gear includes chafing, ill fitting clothes – too tight, too loose, too hot, too cold – etc etc. I found once I got used to the top as I mentioned before that the clothes were very comfortable. Tights were a dream and very comfortable to wear and whilst it was a warm day I didn’t feel that they were too warm to wear. Top was great – no chafing – hoorah! Lululemon clothes

Final thoughts


Technical products, well thought out in design and clearly are effective.

Nice subtle designs – like I said I wouldn’t go for their shorts as they are not me but these clothes were right up my street!


I guess a lot of people might say the cost is an issue as they are not on the cheaper end i.e Target etc etc but you do get what you pay for and I think good quality running clothes is like having a good pair of running shoes. You wouldn’t run a race in $10 trainers ……or would you?  I have running clothes that I bought years ago that I still have and wear as the quality is so good and I would put the clothes in that category.

Note: I wasn’t paid for this review. What you are reading above is my genuine opinion. I always say read a review but then go and try out for yourself. I try to be as honest as I can and tell it as it is.

7 thoughts on “Product Review: Lululemon technical Running gear

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  1. I haven’t tried Lululemon before, but your review has encouraged me to give them a go when I am shopping for running clothes next time. The cut of shirts under the arm is something I am always worried about because no-one wants to deal with armpit chafe….
    The pants being higher waisted is good too because I hate having to pull my pants up for the whole run! Thanks for the review Zoe and good luck with your training!

  2. I love lulu! Pretty much wear nothing but lulu for running now (& yoga and pilates). Singlets are great, long sleeves don’t stink, tights are mint and I like the shorts too and I never, ever thought I would like such short shorts!!! Things don’t ride up or down – it’s great not having to pull at your clothes while you’re running. Hope you continue to enjoy your items and good luck with your training 🙂

    1. Hi Liz thats awesome. I’m not game enough to wear the shorts as it would show too much of my not so slender thighs but love the tights 🙂

  3. I love it when I read something and think “this is going to change the way I think about x”. I had this moment when I read “you wouldn’t run a race in $10 trainers”. So I thank you for that.
    Price was a concern of mine previously, but not a concern of a jogging buddy of mine. She kindly lent me a pair of her running tights the other day and although we’re obviously 2 sizes apart (yeah, I’m the one with the bigger butt) they fit great and were amazing to run in. I think it might be one of those, until you try it things. I’m hooked and will be buying some soon! Unless I can get a lend again 🙂

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