Tips for staying focussed with your running goals #GCAM15

I hope you’ve had a good week of running. It’s been a mixed week of running the last 7 days for me and I can’t believe the Gold Coast Marathon is now less than three months away! I had a bit of a melt down about a week ago when I suddenly realised I am running a marathon this year…..

I know its nuts that it only just hit me. I had a baby less than a year ago and I will be 40 this year – I suddenly started to panic – who do I think I’m kidding to do this again and at this point in my life! It has been 9 years since I ran my last marathon and I was 9 years younger without having had a child at that time! I’m trying to be calm but everywhere I look I seem to see people running, friends training which is great as I’m now able to run too but I think the nerves have started to kick In a bit. People run marathons all the time from all walks of life I think I just got a bit overwhelmed with it all.

On the flip side I had a good weeks training clocking up 70k and taking 17 minutes off an 18k run route that I did 6 weeks ago so I am pleased I am finally beginning to see some for staying focussed on running

Tips for staying focussed with your running goals

I thought I would share some tips of how to stay focussed on your running as mentally I have had to use all of these whilst getting back into training again. Remember I am not a qualified trainer, these are just my experiences so always consult a professional when embarking on something new.

1. Surround yourself with positive people

For me positivity is key. When I first said back in December that I was intending to run the Gold Coast Marathon in 2015 (my baby was 8 months old at the time) someone said to me did I realise that I wouldnt be able to do a good time and it might be a real struggle. I was a bit upset at that comment since I think the marathon is at times a heavy percentage psychological in terms of embracing it, running it, and being positive you can finish it! so comments like that weren’t very helpful.

I have a great bunch of close friends who keep me sane and motivated and are always positive when it comes to training so I surround myself with them and it helps push me through when I don’t feel like training or that I am doing too well.

2. Enlist the help of a trainer or friends

I am quite motivated at running alone bar my long runs and my lovely friend and I run those together and I also have a good friend who I paid to coach me through the marathon and so far his program has been spot on. He also helps keep me on track and motivates me, reminds me I have done it before and can do it again – and it has really helped. There have been days had it not been for knowing he will ask how the run has gone I might not have gotten out of bed to train!

Alternatively your gym might be able to help you with a program or a personal trainer in or out of the gym and running with friends is a great way to keep focussed especially if you are training for the same thing and are of the same ability.

3. Remember your goal. 

A short while before and during being pregnant I wasn’t able to train as I was quite sick so exercise wise I toned things right down but told myself once I had had my baby I was going to pick myself back up and get right back into training and run a marathon. So once bub was born and I was told I could train again off I went and training for the marathon was a huge goal for me as I have essentially given myself less than a year to get fit again and train for it, I am not pressuring myself by naming a time I want to do but my goal is to finish and to finish as well as I can fitness wise. So remember what it is you are trying to achieve – put up pictures/motivating messages around the house, on your phone etc and go for it! and don’t focus on other people’s goals!

4. Happy Running 

I have been writing this blog for 5 years now and I often write at the bottom of my blog posts ‘Happy Running’ and I mean it. I love to run and it does make me happy – even if I don’t always realise at the time. If you find running a real chore and don’t enjoy it then perhaps running is not for you or your program is not right for you and you need to enlist a trainer to help you get your program right for you.

It’s hard work and it can especially when training for something like a marathon take up a lot of your time so it’s important to enjoy it 😀

5. Believe in yourself

Sounds like a slogan off a running vest right? but it’s true.

I remember a number of training sessions and one actual race where all the way round a voice in my head kept saying “why are you doing this? you can’t run this’  and as a result I crashed and burned.

I think it is important to really use all the previous tips and to believe in yourself. Just for running and committing to get fit you are awesome and it’s important to believe it. I know I will never be an elite athlete but I love running, love seeing improvement and know if I put my mind to it and focus I can smash my targets – Bring it on!

Anyway have an awesome week of running and Happy Running 😀

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