Sugar free living and running – sugar free bars product review @well_naturally

Whilst I was pregnant I was completely off sugar. I just didn’t want to touch it – whereas normally I had a real sweet tooth so it wasn’t a bad thing actually. Since my son was born a year ago I have made a concerted effort not to eat much sugar and looked into sugar alternatives – as both my husband and I are real believers that less is most definitely more when it comes to sugar. My husband has completely cut sugar out of his diet and I have to an extent but just try to use alternatives and have less than I used to.

Did you know that “the average Australian’s sugar intake is 27 teaspoons per day!”

There are so many fads and diets out there it can be tricky if you are a follower – I tend to take bits from each in terms of what I eat and eat as healthily as I can and avoid sugar and wheat where I can but if I turn up at someones house since these are life choices rather than my being coeliac or anything like that I will eat what I am given 🙂

I am no nutritionist but i feel it’s pretty simple – eat little in moderation and as close to coming out of the ground as possible. I don’t normally eat too many carbs but with the marathon coming up I have had to as I was finding I was running out of energy and with sugar I have found with the energy gels etc I have had to have a bit more than normal at this time.

Product review

I have reviewed some low sugar/sugar free products before from Well Naturally but they got in touch with some new products they wanted me to try and yes they too are no added sugar yay. Well Naturally product Review - The Girl That Runs

I am not too good with products that taste artificial hence I don’t eat much protein powder these days – so I wasn’t sure how I would get on with the chocolate mint and the protein bar but below are my honest opinions of the bars that they sent. I don’t get paid – I just get sent things to try and to write about!

Nuts & Seeds Almond Sesame Seed Linseed bar

I took one bite of this and absolutely loved it! It reminds me of some nut bars I used to get from Whole Foods back in the UK. I am not normally a huge nut bar fan but this bar is yum and is wheat and gluten free as well – bonus.

It’s naturally sweetened with stevia and again I don’t normally like stevia as it tastes a bit artificial to me but I didn’t notice it in the bar this time so it gets the thumbs up from me.  There is 1.1g of sugar so very happy with that too unlike a lot of fruit and nut bars out there.

Fruits and Seeds Currant pepita seed sunflower bar 

This bar was a little bit sweet for me because of the extra fruit but it was nice again and the nuts balanced it out a little bit. My definite favourite was the nuts & seeds almond sesame Linseed bar above. Again this is wheat and gluten free and sweetened with stevia although the sugar is a bit higher at 4.2g but probably due to the fruit in the bar. but still only 494kj which is not bad for something with nuts in it.

High Protein mini bar 

I wasn’t a fan of this as it was a little bit artificial and dry for me but my friend tried it, loved it and finished it off! so just shows that one person can like something and someone else not so. If you like protein bars then you would probably like this and it is a great snack and quite small so it would fit into your handbag and be great for after a workout.

No Sugar added dark chocolate with mint 

I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate so again i wasn’t a big fan of this but again my friend was. The flavour to me was less artificial and tasted like dark chocolate just without so much sugar which was great but like I said I am not a huge dark chocolate fan so i wasn’t that keen. I love Well naturally’s Milk chocolate bar – i reckon if given the chance I would wolf the whole bar down!!

The thing I love about Well naturally is that you can get their products from Coles, Woolworths as well as other places and Target so they are very accessible and nicely priced. Anyway this is just my opinion – go and try for yourself 🙂

Reduced Sugar ideas/websites 

I have a few cookbooks I have been using lately that if you are into reducing sugar in your cooking and also eating healthy might be worth a read – the websites are below for the authors:

I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson has become a bit of a no sugar leader in the last few years. I have all of her cookbooks and regularly follow her across her social media and agree with her way of thinking 80% of the time 🙂 Whilst she doesn’t use sugar she generally replaces it with low fructose favourites such as Rice Malt Syrup which I use so technically her desserts are still sweet so if you are avoiding anything sweet just go off sugar or anything sweet such as fruit or sugar replacements completely is my advice*.

Lola Berry – Lola Berry is a recent blogger, cookbook success. I like Lola’s books too as they have some good healthy dishes – i bought both of them but she replaces a lot of the sugar in her recipes for maple syrup and coconut sugar which again is sweet and technically kind of sugar so bear that in mind but she has some greta healthy recipes across the two books that I have cooked and love.

David Gillespie – David wrote  the Sweet Poison books which I found interesting and agree that sugar is bad – but he replaces sugar with xylitol and dextrose so again the food is sweet so it all depends what you are into.

Anyway hope these are helpful. Have a great weekend and Happy Running 🙂

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