Not listening, dodgy hamstring, and two races!

Hope you have had a great week and that your running is going well. Mine started off ok….and ended with me not running the weekend just gone!

After the marathon my running trainer said not to push it too much for a month or so after the race which I adhered to initially. Then last week I pushed it on the treadmill in a pyramid sprint session. I did a 1k warm up, followed by 1 min sprint, 1 min easy run, 2 min sprint, 2 min easy run, 3 min sprint and then 3 min easy run and then 2 min sprint – you get the picture right!

My sprint pace started at 11.5kph on the treadmill and ended up at almost 13 and it was at that point that I felt something not quite right in my butt! so I slowed down and hobbled the last bit of the session then got off the treadmill looking like I had had an accident! I then tried to do some leg curls and realised ‘ok Zoe enough is enough – there is something not right’ and then spent a restless night trying to sleep. Got in with a physio today and she said I have sprained my hamstring – oops. So no running for me this weekend. I am allowed to ‘jog’ on Monday – but we’ll see – maybe I can run 🙂

So Roger if you are reading this – you were right, I pushed it and now I am injured! I’ve learned my lesson on this occasion!

I went for a slow run yesterday and I did feel it but I am back with physio on Thursday and hopefully will have improved! She said it should take a week to two weeks so we will see how I go…

Upcoming races – River Run 100 and Bridge to Brisbane

Feeling a bit sorry for myself last week I got an email from a running friend who is in a team for the River 100 relay race in a few weeks so I am potentially going to do 20k in the relay – it’s in 5k sections so should be fine providing I have no problem recovering from my hamstring issue. Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 4.23.08 pm

I’m quite excited as whilst I am running the Bridge to Brisbane at the end of August that will be a fun run whereas this will be a bit more serious. I certainly won’t be dressing up as a waitress like I am for Bridge to Brisbane!

So it has been a mixed week but loving the running and feeling strong – just hoping my hamstring is ok!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful write-up. I hope that you will be able to do much more improvement very soon and you will again be capable to give any run. Thanks

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