Being put through my paces by my friend’s husband!

Whilst I was in London on a trip back to the UK I stayed with my lovely friend and her husband in Balham. I hadn’t managed to attend her wedding last year as I had just had my baby – but I was very disappointed as I wanted to be there and the wedding was a different one as she got married half way around the Marathon du Medoc in France. It looked like great run and I have vowed I will do that race with her one day.

thegirlthatruns visit to london
It was so lovely to catch up with my friend Zayne 🙂

But anyway they are both so well suited as they love running marathons and ultra marathons and pushing their bodies to the limit, and I admire them both wholeheartedly for taking life to its limits and going for it. In fact Tobias – my friends husband is a journalist and writes for Runner’s World and The Daily Telegraph – he also has an amazing book coming out soon (you can pre-order it on Book Depository or Amazon) which is all about 50 of the best races he has done..but anyway…

Being put through my paces

Whilst I was staying with them my friend wasn’t able to run so I figured I’d gotten out of having to train hard whilst in London – but alas that safety net was to be short lived.

I got back to their place after having been out most of the day walking around London and Tobias had his running gear on and as I walked through the door he said:

“perfect timing – do you want to come for a run?”.

I reminded him that I ran at a snails pace compared to him and he said that he would be going very slowly as he was easing back into exercise after some time off, so I agreed to run with him. I got my kit on and was set to go.

It was a very tough 7/8km run for me, one that I will not forget for a long time!

Balham was a lovely place to run round.
Image used from

The top of my comfort zone

As we started running I looked down at my watch and we were running at what I would say at the time was at the top of my comfort zone – about 5 minute kilometre pace. Tobias seemed to bounce along like he was going for a stroll in the park, and I tried to comfortably keep up and respond to his questions and conversation as we ran.

I was very thankful for traffic and being forced to stop for a few seconds here and there while the lights changed. Tobias reminded me that if I was able to talk back to him then I must be feeling ok and the pace must be ok…I smiled as best I could at this stage! Inside my body was screaming – this hurts!

The race home

I kept looking down at my watch and he had said we would be running for about 35-40 minutes and we were approaching the 35/40 minute mark. He slowed down and said to me:

“OK we have 3 minutes left back to my place – YOU are going to run in front and I am going to try and overtake you. When I do you have to run faster.”

I looked at him and blinked…. ‘ok’.

And we were off….

I don’t think I have run that fast in a very long time and three minutes ( I think it was more) seemed like eternity and a whole load of pain!

At one point he shouted out:

“If you carried on like this for 3 hours 15 – you’d have run a marathon! ”

I felt like my lungs were going to pop out of my chest and finally recognised the house and we were done!! Tobias patted me on the back and said “well done”.

I staggered into the house – my husband looked at me and smirked and my friend laughed later on saying she ‘forgot’ to tell me that Tobias tends to push you at the end whether it is an easy run or hard run…..hmm thanks for not telling me!

The thing that I came away with from that training session was we all think that we have a limit and it is very easy to think I can’t – but I worked hard in that session and still was able to push at the end and had more in me than I thought. So I tend to look at my training sessions like that now and push that little bit harder each time.

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