Great Christmas gift ideas for runners under $50

I’ve had a few family members ask me what I would like for Christmas and their budget doesn’t quite stretch to the new Garmin Forerunner so I thought of some cheaper gift ideas and found some ideas that you might like, and thought I’d share. Please note I wasn’t paid to mention any of these businesses.

Medal Holders

Image taken from Easy which is a great place to find medal holders at reasonable prices.
Image taken from Easy which is a great place to find medal holders at reasonable prices.

I’ve been thinking about buying a medal holder for a while as other than the 4 marathon medals (I need to get my fifth one framed) I have loads of medals that are just sat in a shoe box – so a medal holder is a great way to put them on display in one place, and you can get them for under $50!

I found a few Aussie suppliers below:

Medal Displays

Design By You


Sporty Girls Gear 


Running Jewellery 

Taken from Sporty Gift's website
Taken from Sporty Gift’s website


I thought another nice gift idea might be a necklace or bracelet for running. I am not a huge silver fan but there are some cute things out there and at affordable prices.

I found some great suppliers again which are under $50 and have a great range of products:

The Run Home  – this is an Easy shop and there are a lot of other suppliers too – just type in running necklace or jewellery.

Sporty Girls Gear – again this site has a great range of pendants, rings and all sorts that might take your fancy and under $50

Sporty Gift – a cute necklace

New Running Kit?

Love this technical Adidas top and it's under $50 too.
Love this technical Adidas top and it’s under $50 too.

If it is running kit you are after and want decent quality then Adidas has some great stuff that is under that $50 budget. Order from RunStopShop and you can get 10% off when you sign up to their newsletter at the moment. Adidas have some lovely shorts, tops and crop tops all under $50.








Subscriptions to Running Magazines

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.07.30 pm

Subscriptions are always a great idea to get someone to buy for you. There are a few magazines out in Australia now such as Runners World, Women’s Running Australia and Run4YourLife to name a few and most are under $50

Runner’s World 


Women’s Running Australia 




Race Entry 

The cost of races seems to go and up and up, so I’m thinking about asking a family member to pay for an entry for a race I plan to enter. Something different I guess! Hopefully it will be under $50!


Training Journal – Hard copy!!

Examples of recent journal covers according to their website.
Examples of recent journal covers according to their website.

I know a lot of people like their electronic gadgets but sometimes it is good to go back to basics. I got sent a journal from JournalMenu and I have to say it’s a great idea. There is something about having physical paper and a journal in front of you that I quite liked and they are USD $15 which is pretty good value. You can get them personalised too so if it is for someone else you could get a photo put on or if for you your favourite photo or verse or something.



If you have any other ideas please feel free to share sooner rather than later as it’s only 6 weeks to Christmas!!!


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