A week of highs, lows and running on the trails

Since I last wrote I have struggled a little bit with my training – but feel like I am pushing through the other side now which is awesome. I don’t find running easy, and I think most runners would agree it never get’s easier because you are always pushing yourself harder, even when you improve!

Feeling Flat 

In my last post I had completed the Twilight Half Marathon and was wondering what was next. I had a bit of a rest and then went along to my usual Thursday night Intraining training run and I felt really flat.

The group are always so positive and friendly, but I just felt a bit of a failure going back to the session – not having done so well in the race, and because of my eating (more on that later) I didn’t feel very bouncy – so I struggled. When I got home that night I was really quite fed up.

To make matters worse, on the Saturday I went out to run on my own, as my friend wasn’t running – and my heart and body wasn’t in it. I got to 3km and stopped – out of energy, out of motivation and generally just fed up. So I walked 3km back home to my husband who just looked at me as if to say “you’re nuts; why not just stop”!

Determined to run a decent run 

The stubbornness in me prevailed, and rather than having a nice lie in on Sunday and resting awhile (husbands advice!) I found a group of guys that were running the trails in Bunya and decided to go along. So at 4.15am on Sunday morning I pushed myself out of bed – determined it was sink or swim. I had to do a decent run and feel good about it – and the trails were the way to go.

Organised Chaos

It didn’t start well that morning.

My crazy neighbours kept us awake and when I rose at 4.15am it was after literally no sleep, and they were still up! But that’s a whole other story!

I didn’t do my usual two toilet visits before my run, I didn’t have my running sunglasses, I had my newer trainers on – not ideal for the trails and I made sure I packed a bandage as I was paranoid I was going to get bitten by a snake – regardless of all of this I was prepared to kick ass.

Running with the guys

running on the trails
I ran with a lovely group who kept me going and encouraged me even when I wanted to stop 🙂

The guys I met were lovely who live and breathe running from the sounds of it. Four very fit looking guys and me. I was a bit nervous I was going to get left behind – but they assured me it was just a recovery type run  for them and they’d go easy on me. So off we trotted.

There is something to be said about running outside on the trails. Picture peace and tranquility, birds chirping, and all you can hear is the soft padding of your feet pounding the trails and your breathing.

All the stress of the week and the disappointments faded away and I just got my head down and enjoyed the run – and without headphones 🙂 I chatted away to the guys occasionally when they waited back for me and I soaked in the atmosphere and beautiful scenery around me.

running on the trails

It was a tough run for me with plenty of hills but I embraced each one, was fairly slow but I really enjoyed it and am so glad I did it. It was mean’t to be just over 8km which turned into 9, which ended at 10.5km – and then the guys ran on to do another circuit whilst I staggered back to the car – having to do an emergency toilet in the bush stop as there were no toilets out there! (sorry a bit too much information!)

Low carb progress

I completed my first week on a lower carb lifestyle which I don’t doubt contributed to my energy levels and not so great running – but it’s going well and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I am not working to 100% no carbs – I am working to using carbs strategically – so watch this space – I’ll update more soon.


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