Mother’s Day Gifts for Mums that Run!

I was thinking about Mother’s Day the other day and am not really expecting much in the way of gifts on Mother’s Day as my husband and I tend to buy things as we see them, but I have a feeling my bub may have bought me something with Daddy’s help this year….

Anyway I have compiled a few ideas if there is anyone reading this needing a few ideas for their wife/mum that is a runner. Some of these things I have and love or would like to get at some point. None of these by the way are affiliate links – just some ideas for cost effective presents 🙂

Sogz Gym Towels $39 – special on their Facebook page for $34

sogz gym towels Great idea for a mum that goes to the gym or yoga. I was sent one of these beautiful towels to try and I use it at home all the time when doing my arms and abs, and also in the car after I have been out running so the car seat doesn’t get all yucky. They have some great colours and the price is good.


Allure Style $50+ – 20% off for Mother’s Day on their Instagram page 

Allure Style
Allure Style

I found this lady at the Fig Tree Pocket Market and she basically does personalised handstamped jewellery, and I have been after some sort of handstamped necklace that I could put a running quote or wording such as 42, 21km, 10km, 5km etc on and wear round my neck, and she can do most things – so I am adding this in as this is on my list. The quality looks great and the price is good. According to her Instagram page you can get 20% off for Mother’s Day 🙂 So if my husband is reading…..Hint! Hint!


Inspiring Running Books 

Inspiring running books

If you or your mum are an avid reader and like to be inspired then these four books are all amazing and would make a great Mother’s day present.

The Greatest by Jim Denison

Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn

Pole to Pole by Pat Farmer

50 Marathons 50 Days by Dean Karnazes

All of these books are really inspiring reads. I had to put my hero Haile Gebreselassie’s book in – it’s a fairly old book but amazing to read about how the Ethiopians train, and Dean Karnazes is a true running inspiration of mine so his 50 marathons in 50 days had to go in too!

I’ve linked to Amazon but Fishpond and many others have the books too.  These are not affiliate links).

My last idea for Mother’s Day is something I need (hint hint husband if you are reading!)

Deep Tissue Massage or a Relaxing Massage


I get so stiff from running that a massage would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Whether it is a brutal deep tissue massage or a nice relaxing one a massage would make a lovely gift for mums out there 🙂

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