Slowing things down with #lchf and running

It’s been an interesting few weeks in life, work, and training – and I think this week things finally caught up with me. The last 7 days have been literally like running through treacle where energy and training has been concerned.

I found a few days running I literally felt like I didn’t want to get out of bed, when I woke up I felt like I had had no sleep and I generally struggled with motivation to train. Many people will argue it is because I am not having ‘enough’ carbohydrate – but I have been eating low carb high fat for a while so it would have happened sooner if that was the case. But at one point it felt debilitating and my husband even took our son out for a few hours on the weekend so that I could sleep – and sleep I did – 4 hours during the day!

I’m coming out of it now and have deduced (I’m no doctor but I do know my body) that it was all down to not enough water and just generally being run down and tired with work, training, life – I think we all have those moments. So it has been back to it today with training, and then I’m training with my friend tomorrow to pick things back up. I also treated myself to a new pair of Kayano’s this week to give me an extra spring in my step ๐Ÿ™‚

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.56.05 pm
New shoes! Enough to put a spring in anyone’s step!

I think as a parent working full time sometimes we underestimate how busy our lives are – I know I do anyway – and I keep pushing to do things and have finally had to take a step back and say ‘ok – what do I have to let go of here, and who do I have to say no to?’ – running stays of course! I need it for my sanity!!

I had a think and here are some tips for if you don’t feel like training….got any other suggestions? Feel free to share in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

Running motivation

4 tips for when you don’t feel like training

  1. Don’t force it.ย 

I do find sometimes that when I feel like I need a rest and I then go to the gym I do feel better – but sometimes I know to take a rest. I think if you are feeling generally stressed and like you just need a breather then take one! The gym will still be there when you get back – but sometimes you need a rest and in not feeling like training it can be your body’s way of telling you to rest or that you aren’t firing on all 4 cylinders – alternatively if you aren’t enjoying your training just have a rest too – you don’t want to resent your running!

2. Do something different

If you find that you are tired of doing the same thing all the time and it is really becoming an effort – why not shake things up a bit and do something different? Run outside if you are a treadmill runner, or do some running drills or fartlek or what about trying out a trail run.

3. Run with someone else

I find that running with someone else has been amazing during winter as when I would have happily stayed in bed under the duvet – knowing someone is waiting for me to meet them to run has made me accountable and forced me to get up and train – I have always felt better for it – unless coming down with something.

4. Work towards a goal

Having a goal to work towards will do wonders for the motivation. I remember when I was training up for the Gold Coast Marathon last year I braved all sorts of cold and heat to get my training done – and not training wasn’t an option! I was focussed on getting to the start line ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Slowing things down with #lchf and running

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  1. Yeah, don’t beat yourself up about it. By the looks of it you are making great progress anyway. So long as you stay in keto, the weight will come off regardless of whether you are exercising or not. But yeah, check your fluid intake. It’s important to maintain plasma volume when exercising so the trick is to take some (salt) fluids on board no more than say 15 mins before you start. If it’s a long workout then maintain by sipping some more as you go. Works just great :))

    1. Thanks Nick ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve tried salt water and still getting used to it! But 15 mins before might work ok. I’m terrible at not drinking enough. Really need to try harder!!

      1. Agreed, pure salt water is a pain! Have you tried “zero tabs”? I am NOT endorsing any product here and I have NO affiliation with High 5 at all, but I use them all the time. They contain salt and other minerals in a “neutral”, palatable format. Just drop a tab or 2 into your water bottle.. sorted :))

        I practically ran the Samarian Gorge on them in 43C heat. No dizziness, no faintness at all :))

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