One step at a time – but we survive

Where life and my running has been concerned it really has in the last 6 months felt like all I could do is to put one step in front of the other.

Last year was up and down with running – but towards the end of the year I was so excited to be back running, and after a number of set backs I felt like I was back on track with my eating, joined a new gym, got into running on the treadmill as well as the trails, entered a couple of races.

….and then I got busy and tired, and running was an effort

and then I got sick and it all stopped,

and then I had a car crash and it stopped.

It was a fairly serious car crash, and I am still recovering mentally and physically – but I came out of it lightly considering I had no broken bones, and I am still alive and in one piece. It didn’t hit me to begin with, then the enormity of it all did – like a dominoes effect. The fact if I had crashed facing forwards, if my family had been in the car – all the thoughts that go through you head – the ‘what if’s’ – what’s the point in the ‘what ifs’? It didn’t happen – and I can see that now.

Working with my physio I have literally been putting one step in front of the other and I have been encouraged to try and do some very short interval runs to see if there is still a lot of pain this week – so I am pleased with that – although not pleased that each time I run it still hurts on one side from the crash – but one step at a time.

We think ourselves invincible. We never think it will happen to us, and we look in pity at those people that things happen to. This isn’t one of those posts where I want you to feel sorry for me I am just telling you how it is, and that we survive.

No matter what is thrown at us we survive. As runners we are strong mentally and physically. We know how to push through pain and we don’t always know when to stop – but we are strong and we survive. We push on and we talk, we walk, we laugh, we cry and we keep going.

We all have setbacks throughout our lives. The important thing is to not give up, to keep going one step at a time.


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