Zero in clearly equals zero out!

I’ve been back running for a while now since my Physio signed me off, and all in all it has been great getting back onto the trails and pavement. This has been a good week of running, especially after I discovered that there are showers at work – meaning I can run at lunch times. I did my first run from work on Wednesday and found a good 5k route – I was so excited I could finally start to build my km’s up – having had issues trying to fit runs in during the week.

work run
Managed to find some nice areas on my work run

Yesterday morning I had planned to run the local parkrun but I slept in until 7 so ended up running locally. The idea was to try and run a slow 10k (slow is all I am capable of right now anyway!) – but I soon realised into the run that might not happen. I hadn’t really had any fluids the night before bar a glass of bubbles, and I had raced out the door eager to run in the morning, and hadn’t had breakfast or water. Normally that’s not an issue being a fat adapted runner, as I find I can run fasted – but the last week or so I have had too many carbs and therefore my low carb way of eating and body has gone out of the window and my body will have reverted to burn carbs/sugars not fat – hence I suffered all the way round on my run as I had pretty much had zero carbs and zero fat, and zero fluid – recipe for disaster!. Add to that it was an unusually warm day for this time of year it was a tough one – but whereas a few years ago I would have given up – I embraced it, walked for a bit and enjoyed being outside.

Samford Skies
Beautiful blue skies but a very warm run for Queensland winter

The run was a bit of a turning point as I’ve been finding it hard lately to stay motivated.  Coming back after not being able to run for so long, I now feel like I am super slow and always at the back whenever running in a group. I really struggled with that to begin with but I figure someone has to be last right? So right now that’s me! So on yesterday’s run, I wrestled with walking part of the way but once I let those feelings go it was really enjoyable.

The countdown is on

I have an added factor in getting runs in at the moment as my beautiful friend Karen organised discounted tickets to run the Bridge to Brisbane race at the end of August. She said let’s do the 5k – no problem. On entering a few weeks ago she kindly pointed out that in fact we were now doing the 10km not the 5km! I haven’t run 10km yet since returning to training so I don’t think I will be running the whole thing! I will give it a go but am not putting any pressure on myself – anyway it’s a FUN run right! I am grateful in a way for Karen pushing me to the next distance up as it has forced me to get back into running and be more consistent to get some distance in! I’ve also now entered the Samford Fun Run in September, and then the Those Guys Trail race at Enoggera in October, then the Foam Fest (can’t wait!) in January – so it’s time to get back into things again.

So at the moment I am trying for 2 runs during the week from work and 2 on the weekend, alternating park run on trails one week with trail sessions with my running club the other week to get my legs stronger for the road.

With less than 4 weeks to go  to the Bridge to Brisbane and not feeling that confident, I figure just go out there and have fun. So that’s the plan!

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