Tips for staying motivated when injured or unable to train

This week has been another interesting week with my second cortisone injection in my other wrist. This one hurt a lot more than the first and I have been on a bit of a downer wondering what's going to happen next! My wrist seems to be improving but I haven't been able to do anything... Continue Reading →

Back to the gym!

Today was my third time back at the gym after having my little boy - he's 9 weeks old now šŸ™‚ I started back to training last week as I figured I'd give my body a couple of months to heal. Great to be back It was so good to get back into the gym... Continue Reading →

Training after having a baby

I can't believe my little bub is 5 weeks old! How time has flown !Ā I've been attached to my Baby Jogger and bubĀ and I have been walking briskly around the lake every day near where I live doing a total of around 4.5k each day - me walking, bubĀ chilling in his stroller! Here is the... Continue Reading →

Baby Max has arrived

Sorry - long time no talk! I haven't written anything in a week or threeĀ as our baby finally arrived! He arrived!! Max was born at the end of April - it was a fairly quick labour and nice and pain free thanks to the epidural I made sure I had! I read lots of articles... Continue Reading →

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