The Size of a Cow….. well that’s how I feel anyway!

I don't know if you have heard of the Wonderstuff - but they were one of my favourite bands in the 80s and they sang a song called "The Size of a Cow!" and lately that's been on my mind when I look at my ever expanding baby belly! I can't see my feet anymore... Continue Reading →

Baby Strollers and new challenges in 2014!

Well it is the 2nd January and we are in 2014! Can't believe how quickly in some ways last year went, although it did drag at times too when I really was fighting against not being able to train - but hey I have 4 months and my baby will be born and I can... Continue Reading →

Happy Monday :-)

Yet again time has flown by. I feel like I have been all over the place lately and as a result having the opportunity to sit and write anything has been difficult and here we are and it's Monday again! Racing Goals I am very excited as the entries for the 2014 New York Marathon... Continue Reading →

Nike runs in Australia

I was recently sent a press release promoting a Nike 10k runs here in Australia. Unfortunately the race is only in Sydney, although I am hoping if the race goes well that they will come to Brisbane too next time! See details below: Date: 4th May 2013 Registration The entry fee is pretty steep I... Continue Reading →

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