Low Carb High Fats and Running

I've been running since 2001, and even before then I exercised. Exercise and diet have always been very important to me.  For many years I have eaten healthily and run a lot but yet I have always felt that has never been representative in how I look. I even remember when on a business trip... Continue Reading →

Harvest Box Snack packs – great idea for a healthy post gym snack ! @harvestbox

I've been trying to stop eating rubbish in the last week or so as I have been probably eating more than I should now that baby is on the outside not the inside! I bought myself a protein bar thinking that would be better for me and I couldn't finish it. It's funny I used... Continue Reading →

Awesome granola recipe

I've been going a bit stir crazy as I have not been able to train at my normal level lately and then to top it all I had a minor procedure last week so haven't been able to do anything bar walking - hoping to get back to training next week. In the mean time... Continue Reading →

So how much chocolate did you eat??

Easter Monday - Easter is nearly over and I can safely say I haven't really eaten too much chocolate! My husband and I never read got into the buying one another Easter Eggs so we've been pretty frugal chocolate wise this Easter - although we did buy a bar and share it yesterday does that... Continue Reading →

Sick and training setback

Well I had a minor setback with my running this week. I was doing so well with my training and eating then BAM I got sick on wednesday night and have been sick since. I am at the tail end of a virus/cold now but haven't been able to do any training, haven't been able... Continue Reading →

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