Running without time

How has your training been this week? I did a killer session yesterday as in the morning I ran up Mt Cootha - 10.5k but very hilly, and then in the afternoon I did a 20k bike ride with my friends. I was convinced I would be ok to train again this morning but when... Continue Reading →

My first “ParkRun Australia’ Race

My friend in the UK told me about the ParkRun's and that they had now started in Australia. According to its website Parkrun started in 2004 in Bushy Park, Teddington, UK (love that place - I used to run there myself) and it was a 5k timed event and the only one of its kind... Continue Reading →

Too darn hot!

This morning I dragged my heels a bit about my run - do I go to the gym and do a speed session or do I get my long run out of the way as I might not be around at the weekend. Well after I had pondered on this for a while, rolled over... Continue Reading →

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