Treadmill Vs Running Outside

I have finally bitten the bullet today and rejoined a gym! I really thought I could get through winter and not have to do it but I had a bit of an experience a week or two ago that made me rethink. I was running around the lake near where I live at 6am and... Continue Reading →

Tips for staying motivated when injured or unable to train

This week has been another interesting week with my second cortisone injection in my other wrist. This one hurt a lot more than the first and I have been on a bit of a downer wondering what's going to happen next! My wrist seems to be improving but I haven't been able to do anything... Continue Reading →

Back on the horse…

It's been an interesting couple of weeks with trying to finish college work (i graduate from a graphic design course in a couple of weeks!), and also finishing a job I resigned from a while ago. I have been really distracted and demotivated to train which has been a real pain as I was running... Continue Reading →

I’m back and feeling good.

The last week has been hard. At first I felt unwell and then I have had some things going on and have struggled with motivation to get out of bed to train and basically took a week off. I didn't see the point pushing myself to exercise when I really just didn't feel like it... Continue Reading →

and the beat goes on….

Music really motivates me when exercises. In an article today in research carried out training to music does help you train harder.....what are your favourite running tunes at the moment? or do you prefer not to run with music?

How do you start running?

I am very excited as one of my very good friends who has always been a 'non' runner asked me for some tips on how she should start. How far, how much and generally just HOW.

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