Product Review: Well Naturally No Added Sugar Chocolate and WIN some for yourself!

The sugar epidemic Did you know that on average, Australians consume approximately 54 kilograms of sugar per year – the equivalent of 37 teaspoons per person, per day! The World Health Organisation recently released its much-anticipated guidelines for sugar consumption, recommending that sugar only contributes to five per cent of the recommended daily energy intake... Continue Reading →

Harvest Box Snack packs – great idea for a healthy post gym snack ! @harvestbox

I've been trying to stop eating rubbish in the last week or so as I have been probably eating more than I should now that baby is on the outside not the inside! I bought myself a protein bar thinking that would be better for me and I couldn't finish it. It's funny I used... Continue Reading →

Exercise Vs Healthy Diet

Hope you had a great weekend. I was talking to a good friend last week and we got to talking about exercise and diet. I know a lot of people who rely on their training to keep them trim and if they weren't training they would be much larger than they are because their diet... Continue Reading →

Go Orange! #GoOrange

Look what turned up on my doorstep yesterday! Yes that's right - 10 oranges! I agreed a while back to be involved in the Citrus Australia Go Orange campaign. Oranges have amazing benefits and so they are promoting it over 10 days and I was asked to eat an orange a day for 10 days... Continue Reading →

Great Pea Soup Recipe

I love my food. I love good food, and that doesn't mean unhealthy food.  Although I do like some unhealthy food, but I eat a lot less of it these days. Now that it's getting cold and dark in Queensland I have found myself craving soup and there is nothing better than getting in from... Continue Reading →

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