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Note to self: don’t change your trainers at the advice of someone not qualified!

15 Feb

Last week I had issues with a blister because I wore old socks. it seems I am making a few mistakes lately as I found about 6 days ago that my ankle started to get sore. I assumed it was my orthotics needing attention and I pushed on to do a long run and really found it painful.

I was meant to do a 14k last Thursday and had to stop after 7k as I kept feeling niggles. I have got to the point now that when something doesn’t feel right in my running,it usually isn’t. So the next day I got on the phone to a podiatrist in Woollongabba at The Podiatry Practice as my usual guy was on holidays and I went in.

Asics Kayano

I have worn the Asics Kayano for a few years now and someone told me I was wearing the wrong shoe and I should have stuck with what I had! Lesson Learned!

My podiatrist said basically that in changing my trainers a few weeks ago (to cut a long story short the girl in the shop said wearing Kayano’s was wrong as they were not neutral and that I should wear a Saucony shoe) I had basically caused some tendonitis in my ankle and thrown my foot out a bit. So I left his office with my foot tightly bound, Kayano’s back on with the promise not to wear my lovely bright blue and pink Saucony running shoes.  He said that the Kayano was perfect for what I needed or a Brooks top end shoe – something solid not lightweight like a lot of the shoes now tend to be.

The binding on the foot was actually painful that he put on so I was naughty and took it off and then on Saturday ran 14k. I found wearing my old shoes the inside of my foot was rubbing again – argh! So not happy as my foot was sore but I finished the run. Then as luck would have it this morning I was meant to run 10k but work up with a temperature and a bit of a cold coming on so decided not to run so my foot got a rest. So all in all it has been a week of not 100% great running but I am still pushing on and learning from the mistakes I made yet again.

Lessons learned from all of this

1. Listen to a qualified professional when it comes to your feet/body. Just because someone works with selling shoes it doesn’t mean they know your feet and their history and also how severe your orthotics/conditions are.

2. Know when to stop. If it hurts – don’t push through. Stop. I’m glad I stopped as it could have been a whole lot worse.

3. Don’t be disheartened by setbacks. It’s better to sort things out now than have things go wrong half way through a race. I’ve got plenty of time before my marathon – so thankful that this has happened now and that I can still run.

Hope you had a great week of Running!  I’m hoping next week will be better 🙂


Troublesome week

23 Aug

After running the Brisbane Road Runners Club 5k  last week and feeling great the last 7 days haven’t been that great. After the race my ankle started to twinge and by last Monday afternoon it was hurting and I didn’t dare run and was miserable at the thought that I was doing well and then down I went again.

On the advice of a running buddy of mine I did a bit of cycling this week and some light running and along with some simple physic exercises that I remembered from a while ago and a great app called Physio Advisor * on my iPhone I am now feeling much better ankle wise 🙂 I wanted to swim too but the lane pool was closed, but I bought myself some flippers read to work and build up those ankles.

From the ankle came the sickness. I feel like if one thing hasn’t got me this week another has. Lots of people at work have been sick and still gone into work. I’ve been dosing myself with lots of veggies and vitamins and today was the day I felt like I’d been hit with a sledge hammer and eyes watering and just not feeling on par. So tonight when I was meant to run and to then do some P90x arms instead I came home, switched on the heating and sat feeling sorry for myself waiting for my husband to come home and cook me dinner.

I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow, then it’s back to training ready for my next race in September 🙂

Please see a link below to the ankle exercises that Physio Advisor* recommends which are pretty much what my human physio gave me and one of the gym instructors at the gym I go to also said she does.

Ankle exercises


* I’m not recommending you use Physio Advisor instead of seeing a doctor/physiotherapist – if you are injured go and see someone that is suitably qualified to diagnose your ailment.