No training for a whole week!! How will I cope!!

I am not in a good mood this afternoon. I was very silly and now I have paid the price. My physio says I can't train for at least a week - nothing - no cardio, no weights, no sit ups! After being sick with whatever bug seems to have gone around for two whole... Continue Reading →

Happy orthotics = happy running girl!

I am a terrible over pronator and when I lived in London I ended up getting orthotics as it affected my knees and ankles because of the amount of running i did.  I have had such problems with my orthotics in the last couple of years it has really hindered my running. I got to a state... Continue Reading →

Troublesome week

After running the Brisbane Road Runners Club 5k  last week and feeling great the last 7 days haven't been that great. After the race my ankle started to twinge and by last Monday afternoon it was hurting and I didn't dare run and was miserable at the thought that I was doing well and then... Continue Reading →

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