A bitter taste in my mouth from my gym

Happy Monday everyone. Three posts in three days! That's pretty good or me. I need to have a rant today which is why I am posting.. I have been feeling a bit unfit lately due to not being able to train as hard as I like and as much as I like due to a... Continue Reading →

Is your goal getting in the way of training?

I realised one of the things holding me back from my training lately is focussing on the end goal rather than all the little ones that make up achieving the big goal. I have that problem in my business sometime - have you ever found that too? In fact sometimes I find the big goal... Continue Reading →

No such thing as an average runner

Happy Monday morning! I was just doing my usual morning mooch around the internet and checking my Facebook before actually starting work and I came across a quote that Runners World had posted by American writer and runner Hal Higdon and it said: "There's no such thing as an average runner. We are all above... Continue Reading →

The pressure is off

I got in from my first proper run since I got sick two weeks ago today. It was hard work. I forced myself to get up, put my kit on and even ran with my iPod Shuffle this morning to give me that extra motivation. My legs felt sluggish to begin with and everything jiggled,... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

I haven't posted in 10 days but I am feeling much better now and back into my training. The last week has been good from a training point of view and now the weather is hotting up so that is proving to be a great challenge for me which is just what I need right... Continue Reading →

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