Christmas challenge and focusing on 2017

The last few weeks have been a wrestle from a food and training point of view. I've had a number of social events where I have found it hard to eat lower carb foods at as there were no options and I wasn't prepared with my own stuff.  So  as a result I have eaten... Continue Reading →

Counting down the days to Christmas and setting challenges for 2016!

It's been an interesting week or so which landed me right back in the physio's office and no running thanks to bursitis on my hip and a bit of the same on my shoulder. I thought I would freak out but I was actually quite surprised at how calm I was when my physio said... Continue Reading →

Winner of competition

Thanks to everyone that entered the competition to win a $30 Paul's Warehouse Gift voucher. To be fair I asked Paul's Warehouse to choose the winner and they chose Richelle Wenham as they liked her comment about volunteering for a good cause. She wrote - To kick-start the year and weight-loss by doing a boot camp... Continue Reading →

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