1 1/2 weeks to baby!!

Happy Easter! Hope you are having a great weekend. My weekend hasn't been too eventful - feeling sick still and like a I have a watermelon stuffed inside me! Other than that I'm well and truly on countdown this week with less than a week and a half before baby is expected to make an... Continue Reading →

Baby Strollers and new challenges in 2014!

Well it is the 2nd January and we are in 2014! Can't believe how quickly in some ways last year went, although it did drag at times too when I really was fighting against not being able to train - but hey I have 4 months and my baby will be born and I can... Continue Reading →

Winner of competition

Thanks to everyone that entered the competition to win a $30 Paul's Warehouse Gift voucher. To be fair I asked Paul's Warehouse to choose the winner and they chose Richelle Wenham as they liked her comment about volunteering for a good cause. She wrote - To kick-start the year and weight-loss by doing a boot camp... Continue Reading →

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