Caught in a predicament as race started…

Did I get your attention with that headline? It was quite funny looking back now, but at the time I was stressed! The last week has been great and on Friday I popped up to the coast to see family and decided it would be good to run a ParkRun up there as well - not... Continue Reading →

Not so great week that ended well!

This week has been a good and bad week. At the beginning of the week I was still struggling with my running. I talked about it in my last post and have deduced it is the time of the year. I have been feeling like my times have not been improving even though I have been... Continue Reading →

Do you get nervous before racing?

I read a post on Run Addicts website yesterday looking at what your race pre race personality is. The choices were loners and social butterflies. It made me smile as now I come to think of it I know both. I am however definitely a loner! The article says that loners -  'avoid all distractions... Continue Reading →

The pressure is off

I got in from my first proper run since I got sick two weeks ago today. It was hard work. I forced myself to get up, put my kit on and even ran with my iPod Shuffle this morning to give me that extra motivation. My legs felt sluggish to begin with and everything jiggled,... Continue Reading →

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