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It’s ok not to be perfect

22 Aug

I was umming and ahhhing whether to write this on a published post that everyone could see but figured there might be other people that have felt or currently feel the same way.

Since the birth of my baby in fact since being pregnant I have had getting back into exercise on my mind especially my running. I didn’t think that having a baby would be a big deal and I figured shifting the weight and getting back into it all would be simple. I was going to be super mum!  

To an extent the first bit was easy enough – getting back into exercise and losing the first bit of weight – but I didn’t realise it would be so hard to get back to where I was before or the sheer energy drain that a new born baby can be and so this week I have been feeling a bit down and eating rubbish food and then feeling even more miserable.

I went for a run on the treadmill at the gym earlier this week, I was just cooling down and one of my friends arrived and hopped onto the treadmill next to me and we chatted as I cooled off. I said to her -‘ how come it’s so hard!. It all just feels so hard.’ I was running at 9.5km on the treadmill whereas before being pregnant i could get up to 15km on a good day.

She responded by reminding me that I had just had a baby and had only been back into exercise for 4 weeks. I kind of nodded but I still had this overwhelming desire to be better, to be perfect and get back to where I was. It was only when in Harvey Norman yesterday paying for my purchase with baby M that the penny dropped.

The lady at the check out desk said to me ‘It’s hard isn’t it!’ – I looked up at her – and she said to me ‘You are doing an excellent job – just remember that – but it takes time.’its ok not to be perfect

I almost cried there and then but reflected on the way home that she was right. I have been trying so hard to be a good mum and wanted people to see that I am a good mum but I have been punishing myself for not losing weight quick enough, not getting back into exercise quick enough and not being able to do as much as i could before – but I have a baby now – a beautiful wonderful baby and that is enough.

I think sometimes we spend so much time worrying about what people think about us and trying to be what we think people want/expect us to be that we end up often doing more harm than good. This weeks experiences have really put me in my place and helped me to realise that it’s ok not to be perfect as long as we accept who we are and that that’s enough then that’s all good. It’s hard not to worry about what people think but it is a real downward spiral if we have that on our minds all the time. It doesn’t help when we are constantly bombarded with images from the media with celebrities that appear to be perfect. It’s only later we often read about their melt down. I get tired of seeing people that had bounced back after having their baby within weeks plastered all over the latest magazines. Another good friend of mine reminded me that it takes 9 months to put that weight on – allow at least that to lose it again. 

I want to encourage anyone else feeling the same way I have that you are a beautiful person inside and out and if the people around you can’t see that then you are with the wrong people. Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re doing a great job 🙂 


Baby Max has arrived

21 May

Sorry – long time no talk! I haven’t written anything in a week or three as our baby finally arrived!

He arrived!!

max hospital

Max was born at the end of April – it was a fairly quick labour and nice and pain free thanks to the epidural I made sure I had! I read lots of articles about having a fully natural labour and decided not being great with pain I would reduce the stress on me and Max and go for pain relief. Very thankful I did – although the administering of the epidural was not the best!

I have to say the pregnancy was a shocker but worth every last ounce of nausea, reflux, back pain etc for what I got in return. My friend who is also my doctor said to me that the pregnancy was worse than the birth as the birth is like a marathon to get through in one day whereas the pregnancy is nine months of discomfort! She was so right!  My stomach muscles certainly got some use in the labour and I just imagined I was in an exercise class and pushed as hard as I could and he was out within 12 pushes :-)My little boy is the most precious thing I have ever seen and we are delighted as parents that everything went ok.

I spent a few emotional days looking at Max in amazement that he was finally born and felt so great – no more sickness yay! We’ve spent the last 2 weeks sleeping when we can, feeding him and helping him get to sleep – it’s certainly been a challenge as I am sure any mums reading will know 🙂

Gearing back up to train!

Max buggy

First day out with max in the babyjogger – it was so good just to get out and start to feel ready to train again.

Fitness wise I am raring to go. Thanks to a natural birth I have pretty much recovered, belly has gone down – still a little way to go but I was amazed at how quickly belly disappeared and I am back into my first trimester maternity clothes and not worrying too much right now about getting all the weight off. I have an appointment with my obstetricians physio then hoping I will be signed off to start to slowly get back into training! I’m a bit nervous as I haven’t run in a very long time but I am looking forward to putting my trainers on and giving it a go. Going to join a gym again and I recently took Max out for a little walk in the stroller which was great. He seemed to like it and I loved just getting out and about and feeling like I was ready to start training again 🙂

Rave products helping me at the moment 

I have found some products invaluable to me at this time helping me with my postpartum recovery and just having a baby in general. Here are my top 5.

1. SRC Recovery Shorts 

These are amazing and I will review in more detail in a separate post. They are great for both natural birth recovery or C section recovery and I am convinced they have helped everything to go down a bit more i.e. my tummy and also for my ability to walk easier and not be in discomfort.

2. Ultimate Sleep Breast Feeding Pillow 

Again I will write a separate post on this but having already tried two other pillows this pillow which is endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association is so comfortable to use and also great to just stick in the washing machine when it gets dirty – very handy!

3. Lansinoh – my saviour! Nipple cream (sorry to any men reading this! might be too much information!)

Lansinoh has been awesome in keeping me sane and helping me to recover from the toe curling start of breast feeding when baby decides to bite the hell out of those sensitive parts of the breast!

4. Baby Cam 🙂

My husband installed a baby cam by Max’s bassinet so that when I pop out and he is looking after him I can check my phone and see him sleeping – priceless 🙂 I love being able to check on him at all times!

5. Exercise Ball

My exercise ball has been very helpful for both mobility for me – getting me used to just moving a bit again and also bouncing Max gently when he doesn’t want to sleep 🙂

Anyway I’ll be trying to write more frequently to keep you posted with my journey back to fitness – happy running! Here’s just one more photo of Max from his proud mumma!


1 1/2 weeks to baby!!

20 Apr

Happy Easter!

Hope you are having a great weekend.Happy Easter

My weekend hasn’t been too eventful – feeling sick still and like a I have a watermelon stuffed inside me! Other than that I’m well and truly on countdown this week with less than a week and a half before baby is expected to make an appearance!

It’s been a week of nesting, sorting baby’s stuff out, tidying, throwing out oh and shopping 🙂

I’m preparing for post birth, got my recovery shorts a week or so ago and this week got a breastfeeding pillow which is supposed to be awesome as you can put it in the washing machine – I’ll be sure to review it and let you know how I go. We were also really lucky that my sister in law’s friend was getting rid of loads of 0-3 year old baby clothes and we came away with at least 5/6 bags worth – a lot of the stuff hasn’t even been worn so we have been really blessed! At this rate we won’t need to buy hardly any clothes for at least 2 years! I had figured I wouldnt need to think about maternity clothes shopping again but I forgot about nursing tops so that’s next on my list. It’ll probably be back to ASOS or Queen Bee as Target just don’t cut it maternity clothes wise!

My mind has started to really focus on baby coming and also dare I say joining back to a gym – yay I can’t wait – the first time I step on that treadmill will be an exciting occasion 🙂 One of my friends is into cycling so am hoping to have a spin class buddy too – but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. Need to recover first and gym comes second! Although thinking about exercise is taking my mind off the inevitable birth – am trying not to think too much about what that will be like!

Having time off from exercising as much as I used to for what must be almost a year has been a challenge but yet liberating experience so when I finally get back into my training I think my head will be in a completely different place to where it used to be. Looking forward to walking initially (then jogging) with baby around the lake near I live too.

London and Boston

Last week was the London Marathon and it brought back fond memories of my running it 11 years ago! My friend ran it and did well with a time of 3hr24 – a bit faster than my time!! It’s a great race to run and the support is always awesome. Now my focus is turning to this weekend’s Boston Marathon. It will be a bitter sweet time for those on the start line I am sure and for Boston as a whole considering what happened last year but my thoughts go out to everyone running.

Anyway have a great Easter break and hope you get some running in!  🙂

Less than 3 weeks to go until baby arrives :-)

10 Apr

I can’t believe it – baby is nearly here! I got my “I’m Expecting” App email on Tuesday telling me I was 37 weeks – in case I had forgotten (a serious possibility with the baby brain I seem to currently have!) and I sat down and thought – wooo no turning back now!

It’s been such a long 37 weeks I feel like I have had the gestation period of an elephant rather than a human – ok being slightly dramatic! and as my husband keeps reminding me people do this every second of the day – it hasn’t been the easiest with sickness throughout the whole pregnancy, lovely lovely reflux for half of the pregnancy, dodgy pelvic pain as well as back pain – although that seems to be better now with the help of my pregnancy pants :-), not to mention the hormonal ups and downs – although I reckon that has been worse for my husband than for me :-).

I’ve not done much exercise this week as without going into too much detail it’s hard to go anywhere without needing the toilet every 5 minutes lol! but I am feeling a little bit better finally and ready to embrace the world of being a mum.  My husband and I went out for our last ‘nice’ meal to Sirromet my favourite restaurant in Brisbane and I even managed to wear heels – not for long though!



looking mighty swell and was quite tired – but managed to wear heels!

Ordered my SRC recovery pants this week – I figure I need all the help I can get to get my shape back – I’m not stressing over losing the weight quickly. I want to do it healthily but everyone seems to rave about the pants so I will let you know how I go as they are meant to make getting back into shape easier as well as providing good support post recovery.

I was thinking about the key things that have been helpful to my during my pregnancy for anyone that is going through it or planning to – here’s my top 5 in no particular order:

1. Oil and more oil!

I’m not sure how effective the oil is for helping reduce the amount of stretch marks but so far so good.

I started off using Bio Oil and then I found a few not so natural things in it so switched to  Dr Lewinns oil which is more natural. I’m a natural girl by heart so much better. Then today got a lovely parcel from my friend in the UK which had some Burts Bees Mama Bee belly butter in so I will use that next!



Lovely gifts from my friend in the UK – can’t wait to try out my Burts Bees.

2. Pregnancy Shorts

I’ve already raved about these and written a product review on them but my SRC Pregnancy shorts have helped with my back and pelvic pain – so these deserve to be on my list.

3. Baby Bump seat belt clips


I have found my baby Bump Belt seat clip really useful to pull the bottom of the seat belt underneath bump thus making driving a bit more comfortable and safer. It was on special at Target when I got it so only $20.

4. Maternity bras 

Without going into major detail I felt and looked like I’d had a boob job over night and suddenly nothing fitted so I went to Myer and got myself some very unattractive but comfortable maternity bras – definitely needs to be on this list!

5. Maxi dresses and maternity websites 

Seriously I think people think that when you are pregnant your style goes out of the window and you have to look as frumpy as possible. Sorry Target but you have a lot of work to do! I was lucky (well depends on how you look at it) that Queensland has literally been warm enough to wear summer dresses since August and therefore the entirety of my pregnancy so I went and bought a load of maxi dresses along with a belt so i didnt look too frumpy and that helped. I also discovered ASOS has a maternity section on their website. Very affordable and great designs so definitely a must and they ship to Australia for free!

Anyway I’d best be off but my bag’s packed and I’m ready to go – just waiting for baby now…. 🙂

Product review|: SRC Pregnancy Pants

19 Mar

I’ve had a few emails about the pregnancy pants that I mentioned I was wearing a couple of weeks ago so thought I’d write up as a product review.

After having backache and pelvic pain at the start of my third trimester I went to see a physio who went to work and I looked into other ways to help reduce the pain and discovered pregnancy pants. I went with the SRC ones as they seemed to have the best reviews. The price tag seems fairly pricey but all the compression pants I have bought over the years they are comparable prices and also if it saves the cost of a physio I would say definitely worth it.

I was a bit sceptical that a pair of shorts would solve my back and pelvic issues but found that I was pleasantly surprised. The most important thing with the shorts is to follow the instructions on the SRC website to measure to ensure you have the right size as get them too tight or too loose and I can’t imagine them being effective.

So my shorts arrived and I found they took a little bit of getting used to as they are worn below the baby bump and at first I had the urge to want to pull them up – but once I got used to wearing them they kind of felt snug and very comfortable. They look a bit like my compression pants I wear for running but of course they are not designed to be as tight.

SRC Pregnancy shorts

SRC Pregnancy shorts

I found I haven’t always worn them outside because it has been so hot here in Brisbane but I have worn them as much as I can and have definitely felt better back and pelvis wise as the shorts have given me a lot more support and I’ve also found when sitting at my desk I haven’t got the backache that I was having before when sitting at my desk for a while. I also haven’t been back to the physio so that’s a definite plus as I nearly hit the roof each time the physio got to work with her elbow!

Now it’s cooling down I am wearing them more and with 5.5 weeks to go I certainly need all the support I can get.  They are nice and smooth so you can’t really tell that I’ve been wearing them under my maxi dresses or leggings.

As I have gotten bigger the last few weeks there is conveniently a button to let out if they become a bit tighter.

I made the decision also to get the SRC recovery pants which are for post pregnancy and they are more compression pants and help to get you back in shape amongst other things, so I’ll let you know how I go with those once baby is born!

Have a great weekend running. I’m looking forward to being able to say I’ll be doing the same too 🙂

SRC Pregnancy shorts

Photos on my mobile aren’t that great but gives you an idea…. I didn’t feel confident showing off my bump wearing them for a public post!

The Size of a Cow….. well that’s how I feel anyway!

18 Mar

I don’t know if you have heard of the Wonderstuff – but they were one of my favourite bands in the 80s and they sang a song called “The Size of a Cow!” and lately that’s been on my mind when I look at my ever expanding baby belly! I can’t see my feet anymore and my husband has to put my socks on and help me with my shoes when we take the dog for a walk! It’s all for a great cause but been a bit frustrating!

Sleeping has been a challenge between my constant requirement to go to the toilet and struggling to get comfortable on my side – but it’s not long now!! I’ve had a little bit of swelling in my legs and things are starting to be pretty uncomfortable now.

Pregnancy really has been like training for a marathon like I said in one of my earlier posts, but I have the big day to come and rather than the recovery – that’s when the real work begins – I can’t wait :-D. I’m a little bit nervous about labour and I watched the movie ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ and realise I wont be the character in it that sneezes and the baby pops out! My GP said to me that labour was like running a marathon – one tough day and then it’s done and it’s the pregnancy that’s hard so I am keeping that at the back of my mind. Cow

We’re pretty much set – just parents in waiting… the Baby Jogger is set up, the bassinet is in place, the car seat capsule thing is being fitted tomorrow, nappies are ready – we are just waiting for our little guest to arrive in 6 weeks or less hopefully.

Post baby weight

I’ve been reading lots of running blogs lately and there have been lots of races going on and I feel like for the last year it has been another world – reading and writing about running but not actually doing it. I am starting to feel a bit pressured into post baby and getting the weight off but friends have been supportive and have been giving me lots of advice to not rush things. There is a lot of pressure with celebrities seeming to lose every ounce of their baby fat once the baby comes out but in the real world I don’t think it works like that – so I am going to try and do things slowly and sensibly and enjoy having my baby and get back into training gradually.

Anyway that’s it for now. Have a great week of running – I’ll be doing the same soon – yay!

Anticipation; Anxiety and Excitement

9 Mar

Getting bigger now! Just over 7 weeks to go!

Those three words in the heading of my post are the three things I have been feeling lately knowing that in a few weeks (7 to be precise) I will have a new born baby! Anticipation of what’s going to happen, what it’s going to be like and whether my life will ever be the same again.

Anxiety of the birth and labour – I have stopped asking the question of whether it will hurt – yes it is going to hurt and have been anxious that the baby is ok and delivers ok and has no major health problems.

Then there is the Excitement of – wow we are having  a baby! I had my baby shower last weekend and some of my friends came and fussed over me and we played some fun games and ate cake 🙂 Knowing pretty much all of them bar one have been through childbirth, and some many times has helped to reassure me somewhat! Secretly I am also excited that I will be able to get back into training sometime in the not so distant future now I have an end date – so that’s good too!

My husband and I are all set to go. We pretty much have all the stuff we need now – bassinet, change table, pushchair, car seat, capsule, clothing, lots and lots of wraps and blankets, toys, nappies, wipes – I am sure we have missed things but we’ll find out soon enough 🙂

Unfortunately the nausea has returned 😦 apparently it does for a few people – so I reckon I had about 3 weeks of no sickness for the whole pregnancy – I am reframing it as the baby is very healthy and is sending lots of hormones all over the place so it’s easier to endure that way thinking that way! Had another physio session but thanks to the Pregnancy shorts I got the backache and pelvic pain seems to have gone mostly – yayy. I’m planning on doing a proper review of them shortly as they have been so awesome!

It was the International Women’s Race today which I missed. Am hoping I can do it next year and get my pink on! Well done to all the ladies that participated in Brisbane today!

Anyway enough of me rambling on – Have a great week and as I always say – Happy Running 🙂