It’s ok not to be perfect

I was umming and ahhhing whether to write this on a published post that everyone could see but figured there might be other people that have felt or currently feel the same way.Since the birth of my baby in fact since being pregnant I have had getting back into exercise on my mind especially my... Continue Reading →

Baby Max has arrived

Sorry - long time no talk! I haven't written anything in a week or three as our baby finally arrived! He arrived!! Max was born at the end of April - it was a fairly quick labour and nice and pain free thanks to the epidural I made sure I had! I read lots of articles... Continue Reading →

1 1/2 weeks to baby!!

Happy Easter! Hope you are having a great weekend. My weekend hasn't been too eventful - feeling sick still and like a I have a watermelon stuffed inside me! Other than that I'm well and truly on countdown this week with less than a week and a half before baby is expected to make an... Continue Reading →

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